Birthday: 15-01-1986
Age: 33
Star sign: Aquarius

Vikram Prabhu works in Tamil films as an Actor. From the film Kumki (2012) of Prabhu Solomon he made his debut.In Ivan Veramathiri and Vellaikaara Durai he played a protagonist. Prabhu Ganesan and Sivaji Ganesan are his father and grandfather respectively. Both his father as well as grandfather were actors. On 26 February 2007 he married Lakshmi Ujjaini.

He completed his MBA programme from San Diego. After this he returned back to Chennai for helping his family’s Sivaji production venture, Chandramukhi (2005). In the film Sarvam (2009), he assisted Vishnuvardhan and gain more experience. He once again assisted the production works of movie Asai(2010). When the maker’s of Deiva Thirumagal approached Sivaji production , he was first time covered by the media as they declined to part with the title of the movie i.e. Deiva Magan and also stated that they agreed to the terms with the Ameer Sultan, the director of the film, for directing this film with him(Vikram Prabhu), in February 2011.

The film was delayed because of Ameer’s commitment to make Aadhi Bhagavan. June 2011, an announcement was made that he would be star in next venture of Prabhu Solomon in which N. Linguswamy was the producer. Vikram was sent to a camp of elephant training in Ottapalam, Kerala so that he can get himself habitual with the animals, by the director of the film named Kumki. This film was released in 2012 and was the years’ biggest hits. He began to work in the film Sattam Oru Iruttarai which was an assert of the film produced by Vijay with the same name in 1981, during the making of Kumki. He played the role of an angry young man who feels that legal system is faulty and began filming. Sneha was the director of the film and in May 2012 its production began.

A a newcomer Thaman Kumar replaced Prabhu Solomon because of his instance to reshoot the climax of Kumki which leads to the actor leaving the film during production. The film Arima Nambi was directed by Anand Shankar who was the assistant director from A.R. Murugadoss, was his first release of 2014 and was a huge blockbuster and this made him an actor. Later he was in the film which was a family action entertainment of Gaurav named Sigaram Thodu. This film featured two different looks alongside Sathya Raj as well as Monal Gajjar. Vellaikaara Durai was the film directed by Ezhil and it was his third release in the year 2014. On Christmas 2014 the film released and was a hit.

G M Kumar Tamil Actor

G M Kumar

G M Kumar is a very famous Tamil movie actor and director.He was born on July 26, 1957, in Chennai, India and is currently 58 years old.His full name is Govindraj Manoharan Kumar.The name of his ex-spouse was Pallavi. He has been nominated for the Vijay Award for best supporting actor.He has been a part of some very famous movies such as Appuchi Gramam, and Aruvadai Naal. G M Kumar has tried his hands in film/movie direction, producer and also as a screenplay writer. He has also studied anthropology. Kumar started his career in film direction with the film Aruvadai Naal under the banner of Sivaji productions in the year 1986.Though his movie went well and he got several others offers but his disputes with the producers to have IIaiyaraaja as a composer soon made his market value a lot less than it would actually have been. He also directed three more movies after that but already his popularity as a film director had taken a hit. Though he also directed some documentaries after that. GM Kumar started to act in movies when he was 36 years old.His first two major movies were Captain Magal, which was produced by Bharathiraja and Ramachandra in the year 1993 and 2003 respectively.He played the role of a villain in Captain Magal. One noticeable thing was that there came a point when his skills of film directing landed him in a state of bankruptcy. This took place when he directed a Tamil horror movie Uruvam in the year 1991and was also the co-producer for that movie. After he went to study Anthropology. He once again found himself standing on the verge of bankruptcy in the early 2003, and thus, he started his career in acting.He won great accolades for his role in the movie Veyil in the year 2006 which he only took as he was in a very unstable financial condition. He also featured in one unreleased movie Sivalingam IPS.