Tamil Movie Actor ( 0 - 12 )

Mozammel Hoshen Chowdhury


Actors Are The Male Characters Playing Their Role In The Movies

Actors are the male characters playing their role in the movies. Their part is the same as that of an actress’s. The only difference is gender. They need to have a suitable attitude and style for playing different roles. They need to know the art of fighting heroically (if he is a lead character).

They need to live in part which is given to them and make sure they connect to the audiences in every aspect. They need to play various roles starting from a young boy to an old one. Actors need to play different roles as required, such as a driver, doctor, student, politician, a poor man or rich man and have to change their attitude accordingly.

Through their actions, they need to deliver information to the people as well as educate them simultaneously. Actors are very hardworking and sincere towards their profession. They have different emotions to depict in their character throughout the movie. Actors need to be very good at expressing themselves.

They should be very swift in showing their changing expressions to the people so that they can understand the plot. All actors and actresses execution in a movie completes it successfully.