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Varuthapadatha Karadi Sangam Tamil TV SHOWS on Chutti TV
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Varuthapadatha Karadi Sangam is an animated cartoon show that airs on Chutti TV, which is a 24-hours Tamil kid entertainment channel. The show is originally made in the Chinese language by Fantawild Animation and is dubbed in the Tamil language. It has nine seasons until now and has completed over 600 episodes in total. Each episode has a running time of 10-13 minutes. This show airs daily on Chutti TV multiple times, including 3:00 pm (IST), 5:30 pm (IST), 7:00 pm (IST), and 7:30 pm (IST).

This show is a light-hearted comedy animated series set in a beautiful forest wonderland with loads of wood around. With the scenic surroundings, the evil Logger Vick wants to cut all the trees present there and wants to make it his personal lumberyard. However, there are two brown-bear brothers, Briar and Bramble, who want to save their habitat and scare the logger back to the place where he came from. All the wicked efforts of Logger Vick to destroy the forest are drained down by both the bears. Every time Vick tries to do something in order to fulfill his selfish prank, he is interrupted by Briar and Bramble, and this some hilarious aftermath. Logger Vick tries several tricks to deceive both the bears, but to his bad luck and surprise, he is always out-thrown by them in some way or other. Apart from the two bears, there are many other characters in this show including Mr. Li, who is Logger Vick’s boss, Warren, which is a squirrel, Hoo-Hoo, an owl, Tiki, a monkey, Sunny, a red fox, and many others. All the other animals in the forest help both the bears in their endeavor to save their forest, their lush, and rich home. This show is based on the comic interaction between Logger Vick, and Briar and Bramble.

This is a very famous cartoon show and is dubbed in many other languages. This show has received many international awards and nominations. The show is produced by Liu Fuyuan and was originally released on 22nd January 2002. It is a 3D animation show. The original name of the show is “Boonie Bears.”


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Manjula Vijaykumar
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