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About Nettv4u:

    Nettv4u, an all-new flagship video indexing website, based in South India, was launched in August 2014. We are an alliance of enthusiastic Internet professionals who has a passion of creating websites in a wide range of genres where there is an opportunity for improvement. We accentuate on values and therefore, always attempt doing our tasks on the Internet in the most virtuous and decent way. The idea of establishing this website was to provide, for the group of Indian and English audiences who do not have time to watch Indian programs, serials and shows on TV because of other commitments. So we thought of creating a virtual way to catch-up on the TV shows and serials, where audiences can be able to watch with comprehensive ease from the content gathered from a variety of reliable and highly regarded sources.

Nettv4u is currently broadcasting an increasing number of channels in English and Indian languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi, with the aim of promoting cohesive viewing and entertainment to the viewers. Nettv4u is broadcasting an array of choices for all types of audiences, including TV serials, TV shows, short films, and video clips in various categories. From the blazing drama of your favorite reality shows, a twist on your most-watched soap operas, your all-time most preferred comedy TV shows, to the most popular game shows, dedicated to promoting the best entertainment experience for all our users. You can catch them all at www.nettv4u.com at your convenience with a  guarantee of outstanding video quality and tremendous interactive features.

    Nettv4u is comprised of a large database that grows daily, allowing the users to search for their favorite TV shows and programs. Just take a seat, browse around our website and enjoy watching your favorite shows, all in one place.

    Our creative technical team consisting of cameraman, reporters, and other correspondence including the dubbing and editing in-house staffs are also conducting live interviews with the Indian actors and actresses, to present the viewer's up-to-date entertainment trends and news. Nettv4u also provides movie still, promo still, press meetings, movie trailers and teasers.

    We also cover audio releases, logo launch, title launch, film launch, birthdays, award functions, felicitations, trailer or teaser launch.

    We also have movie critics to provide reviews and assess your favorite films.


    We are a consortium aiming to provide popular and in-demand Indian TV shows, and help our users to find, track, and watch their favorite programs on their own convenient time and place. We are converging the quality and accessibility of our content and strive to make the best-unified viewing experience and make our website a perfect destination for all our users to watch their favorite programs.

How does Nettv4u work?

    Nettv4u is an Indian-based platform for video content, and oriented to Indian and viewers from around the world. We do not require the users to create an account with us. All users over 13 years of age can access our website with free of any charges, view the program or video content, make comments on all TV shows, TV serials, short films, and video clips through the Disqus Commenting Platform, send inquiries and suggestions to Nettv4u, and interact with other active users. We do not host or upload any media files. We have our Own Youtube Channel with 1.3 Million subscribers as of December 2020.

    Nettv4u is a front runner in providing the most innovative programming to all its viewers. Every video content comprises significant information such as: the title of the program, the cast and crew, photos of the lead actors and actresses with the whole cast, cover photos of the program, synopsis or summary of the program, director and producer of the program and more essential details. We also include TV schedules, TV guides, and most recent videos that will be situated on top of the Nettv4u webpage, so it will be easy to find the latest programs. We also provide an option for our users to send their commentary messages and interact with other users by using the Disqus Service. Nettv4u is also perceptive to the rise of Social Networking Websites and so, we provide an interactive way to connect, share or embed all the full-length video content on their social networking pages like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Nettv4u’s exclusive technology crawls the massive amount of video content and categorizes the data to make it easy to find and share. 

    We normally update our collection of high-quality programs to ensure that our users will never miss any of their favorite TV series or TV shows after a long day of work. There is no personally identifiable information collected from our users, as we are only dedicated in letting the user to empower our website and become more productive in finding, tracking and watching their favorite programs and TV shows online, because we are passionate about TV and we always look for ways to make it simpler for the users to find what is worth watching fo

    No users can contribute video content to Nettv4u. Users can send us a message regarding their concerns, inquiries, requests or anything that is associated to Nettv4u and to all our services.  We do not require our users to download any software to use our service, just simply click on the video and play. Users should have a  stable Internet connection, a browser, and the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player.

    Our website is also optimized for all devices such as your computer, mobile phones, Smartphones, Smart TV, and Tablets. Nettv4u allows the users to have a reliable and high-quality programming experience on any of the aforementioned devices, be it an Android or an iOS device. Just point to your device’ browser, go to www.nettv4u.com and turn your devices to an extreme home entertainment theater, giving you the ability to watch anytime, anywhere!

Contact Us:

    If you have any questions and suggestions about the Nettv4u services, or you want us to add a show that you like, or you would like to contribute essential and additional information on each program such as the complete list of the cast and crew, synopsis, and more, please visit our official website at www.nettv4u.com and send us an email at [email protected].

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