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Tamil Producer ( 0 - 12 )


Producer Is Someone Who Is Involved With The Film Production

A Producer Is Someone Who Is Involved With The Film Production At Its Various Stages And Supervises Pre-Production, Production, And Post-Production Activities.

They Are Mainly Responsible For The Logistics And Business Management Aspect Of Films And Less On The Creative Aspect. Finding A Film Producer May Be The First Step Of Film Making If The Script Is Not Decided Beforehand. A Film Producer May Be Hired By A Production Company. They Are Responsible For Selecting A Script, Coordinating Writing, Directing And Editing And Also Arranging Finance. However, All These Activities May Not Be Easily Done By Only One Producer So Other Producers May Be Hired For Fulfilling Various Roles. An Executive Producer Is The Head And Looks Upon All The Other Producers And How Their Work Is Functioning. A Line Producer Looks After All The Day To Day Activities And The Working Staff Of The Movie.

Supervising Producer Is Involved With The Creative Aspect And Also Helps The Executive Producer To Overlook Other Producers. The Tamil Film Industry Has Seen Many Dedicated And Talented Film Producers. A Good Film Producer Is Important For The Smooth Execution Of The Film-Making Process.