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Raja Rajeswari Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
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Raja rajeswari is a spiritual drama telecasted on Sun TV in 2000. It is based on the story which tells about the power and fame of the Hindu Goddess Raja rajeswari who is one of the many forms of Amman. The main character is Lakshmi Amma who is a faithful disciple and believer of Goddess Raja Rajeswari. She is good at her heart and always tries to help the people around her. She comes to know about the ill fate of her son Rajan who is destined to die at a young age.

He is a Psychiatrist by profession and is forced to marry Rajeshwari, whom she suspects to be a supernatural being. Actress Malavika who is popularly called Anni after her excellent acting in the serial of the same name, acts in Raja Rajeswari as Rajeshwari, an ardent devotee. The story is filled with many short incidents which describe the power and blessings of the Goddess in protecting and saving the people who believe her without doubt.

It was one of the popular devotional dramas among the religious women of South India in the 2000s. As any other spiritual series, it is based on the one line that good always wins over evil. Veteran Actress KR Vijaya, 'Vietnam Veedu' Sundaram, Bhuvaneswari, Prithvi Raj Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Aishwarya and many others have played important roles. Baby Praharshitha plays the childhood form of the Goddess. Devotional background songs are sung by Manickavinayagam and Periya karuppi devar. Produced by Saregama India Ltd., story and screenplay is given by Selvapandi and the serial is directed by Vijayalakshmi.

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Raja Rajeswari is a Tamil serial which was aired on Sun TV channel from 2005 to 2006. It is under the direction of Selvakumar and R.S. Pandian. The serial is all about the life of Lakshmi Amma, a passionate devotee of the Goddess, Raja Rajeswari. She has a son named, Rajan (played by Babloo Prithiveeraj), a psychiatrist and the story depicts on how they can win over their destiny with God’s mercy and how the good can prevail over evil. Lakshmi Anna usually prays that the deity will grant her a peaceful and serene life. But she has learned something about a curse, which can result in the death of her son at an early age.

She is hopeful of the Goddess Raja Rajeswari to help her bring her son back after his premature death. She is also yearning to have an heir on the family, so she appeals with Rajan to marry Rajeshwari. However, Rajan doesn’t want to because he believes that Rajeshwari is a ghost and not a real human being. The casts of the serial includes Abitha (played as Raaji), Malavika Avinash Malavika Avinash is a South Indian film actress, n >> Read More... (played as Raja Kumari Raja Kumari is a famous Indian lyricist. The real >> Read More... ), and Prithviraj, Shanmughasundaram, Mohan Ram, K.R. Vijaya, Fathima Babu Fathima Babu is a popular Newsreader cum actress, >> Read More... , Vietnam Veedu Sundaram Vietnam Veedu Sundaram is a very famous scriptwrit >> Read More... , Priya Mahalakshmi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Baby Praharshita and more.

All the Raja rajeswari episodes are still immensely popular among the crowd, but among them all, Raja rajeswari episode 92 and Raja rajeswari final episode are the most watched ones. Besides the spectacular cast and the grabbing story line, Raja rajeswari serial was also popular for the Raja rajeswari title song which was a big hit among the audience.


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