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My Love from the Star is a South-Korean language television serial that gets aired on SBS and other regional regions. The genre of the show is Romance, Fantasy, Drama, and Science-fiction. The total number of episodes is 21. The Running time of the show is 90 minutes. This serial firstly started airing on 18th December 2018. The Production Company of the show is HB Entertainment. The star cast of the show includes Jun Ji-hyun as Cheon. Kim Soo-hyn as Do Min. Park Hae-jin as Lee. Yoo-In-na as Yoo Se-mi. Shin Sung-rok as Lee Jae. Ahn Jae-hyun as Cheon. Kim Chang-wan as Jang Young. Oh Sang-jin as Yoo Seok. Kim-Hee-won as Park Byung-hee. Naa Young-he, Lee II-hwa, Hong Jin-kyung, Song-yi’s, Jo Hee-bong, Kim Bo-mi, Um Hyo-sup, Lee Jung-gil, Choi Hyo-eun, Lee Yi-kyung. Yoo In-young, Yoo Jun-sang, Serri, Subin, Son Eun-seo, Bae Suzy, Yeon Woo-jin, Ryu Seung-ryong, and Sandara Park.

The story of the serial focuses on an alien who landed on the earth for a mission. He landed at the time of Joseon Dynasty. His mission was to help a girl who was falling off a cliff. But, he forgets how to get back to his planet. He gets trapped on earth for 4 centuries. He looks like normal human beings. He possess physical traits like humans and the feelings and emotions too.

 In the earth, he starts working as a college professor. Soon, he gets surrounded by a neighbor who is a film actress by profession. Now, he was just 3 months away from going to his planet. He falls in love with her, and soon realizes that he does not want to go back. The girl also started loving him, but her family is against their decision.

Min-Joon crosses paths with Song-Yi, who becomes her neighbor. He realizes that Song-Yi looks like the girl who was the love of his life 400 years ago. At first, Min-Joon tries to control his feelings but eventually falls in love. Song-Yi could not understand the separation from the love of her life, but she let Min-Joon go for his safety. Song-Yi went through a breakdown in her professional life. Rumors that Song-Yi was the reason behind the suicide of her rival actress Haa Yoo Ra. Song-Yi discovered the secret relationship between Lee Jae-Kyung and Haa Yoo Ra at the wedding. Lee Jae-kyung tried to silence Song Yi. Min Joon came to rescue Song-Yi. He made a deal with Lee Jae-Kyung to stay away from Song-Yi in return for the proof. But things took a turn when Lee Jae-kyung started exploiting the powers of Min Joon. He threatens the investigator of the suicide case and injures Se-mi's older brother. As his return date was closer, Min-Joon lost control of his powers and gained attention. Hee-kyung works together with Min-Joon to protect Song-Yi. 



Murali Tamil Movie Actor
DOB: 19 May 1964
T S Durairaj Tamil TV-Actor
DOB: 31 December 1910
T S Durairaj
Sneha Tamil Movie Actress
DOB: 12 October 1981
Rani Tamil TV-Actress
Raghava Lawrence Tamil Movie Actor
DOB: 9 January 1976
Raghava Lawrence
Meena Durairaj Tamil Movie Actress
DOB: 16 September 1976
Meena Durairaj