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My Dear Bootham Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u

My dear bootham is a fun filled fantasy drama telecasted on Sun TV in 2004. The story revolves around the kid Moosa and his efforts to save his friends and the unsuspecting victims from the evil deeds of the warlock “Mogambo”. The adventures of Moosa involve the timely support and guidance from his grandfather and grandmother who also possess magical powers just like him while Mogambo is aided by his evil disciples.

The grandparent characters were played by the veteran actor "Vietnam Veedu" Sundharam and Actress Gandhimathi. Child Artist Abhilash, who was a 9th standard student played the key role of Moosa efficiently which became a very popular character among school children. He made his debut in the Telugu serial “Vichitra Katha Mallika” and acted as lead character in several other series, but My dear bootham is the one which made him famous overnight.

The drama attracted a large number of kids because of it’s fantasy element, reasonably good graphics and also the joyous childhood of Moosa with his friends. The well laid plot with supernatural power of a kid along with the pampering love of grandparents admixed with moral adventure against a villain is the main reason for it’s success among masses . It was directed by Shanmugam and this series is the debut of "Vietnam Veedu" Sundaram into the Tele world .

Actor Bharath was awarded the Best Child Artist in Tamil Nadu Small Screen Awards in the year 2006 for this series and Actress Nivetha Thomas got fame and many more chances in television serials and in movies after this series. Actor Rajashekar plays the father of Nivetha. The series ended with 914 episodes after running successfully for 3 years in 2007.


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