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Thanga Magal  Tamil TV SERIALS on Sun Life
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Thanga Magal is a Tamil language TV serial that aired on the channel Sun Life from 25 February 2019 to 29 April 29. It is originally a Malayalam language TV serial that aired on the channel Surya TV. It was dubbed into Tamil with the same name. It has a total of 49 episodes. Thanga Magal is a soap opera that featured a family feud between two prominent families of a village. Stories like these make it hard to believe anything other than that having power is what dictates your position in society. It also shows that love conquers all. Mankurissi is a small village near Palakkad in the state of Kerala. The village is surrounded by many small temples.

The aesthetic of the village, along with the surrounding temples, makes it an excellent location for a weekend tour. The village has two prominent and rich families that take care of most of the village affairs. They are the Vilvadri and Mullasseri families. The head of the Vilvadri family is Vilvadri Ramanunni, and the head of the Mullasseri family is Mullasseri Bhageerathi. An age-old feud between these two families spanned over generations. The duration of the feud managed to erase any reconciling possibilities between the two families.

They were always trying to best each other, and that one was above the other. The villagers were caught in the crossfires between these two families, and owing to their power in the village, the villagers could not do anything about it. They were constantly put at a test where they had to choose one over the other but managed to get out of doing so. Thanga Magal is a classic love story between the new generation of kids of the two families. The daughter of one family fell in love with the son of the other family. The serial shows how their love story brought together the two families.


Dhivyadharshini Tamil Anchor
DOB: 17 February 1981
Neelima Rani Tamil TV-Actress
DOB: 28 August 1980
Neelima Rani
C. Kumaresan Tamil Movie Actor
DOB: 9 September 1974
C. Kumaresan
Mohammed Azeem Tamil TV-Actor
DOB: 5 December 1990
Mohammed Azeem
R. Sarathkumar Tamil Movie Actor
DOB: 14 July 1954
R. Sarathkumar