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Other names : Kelunga Mamiyare Neengalum Marumagal Than, Kelunga Maamiyarae Neengulum Merumagal Thaan
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Kelunga Maamiyare is a Tamil serial that is broadcasted on Sun TV. It is a daily soap opera that is televised from 10 O’clock in the evening to 11 PM on all weekdays, from Monday to Friday. It is a family drama that focuses on the life of the Swamy family. Narayana Swamy Narayana Swamy is a famous Indian film actor who h >> Read More... is a person of some import and a very successful industrialist, who resides with his family which consists of his three sons, their wives and children. Narayan Swamy and his wife Laxmi stay with their eldest son Mohan, their second son Rajendran and their youngest son Radhakrishnan.

The story focuses on Laxmi (Narayana Swamy’s wife), her three daughters-in-law and her grand-daughter in law Thulasi, who is the protagonist of the serial. The wife of the eldest son Mohan, Rajeshwari is a cunning and scheming woman by nature. She is an opportunist and inevitably takes advantage situations by virtue of being the eldest daughter-in-law of the house. The wife of the second son Rajendran, Chitra is a very diplomatic woman she has a sweet tongue, and her honeyed words have the capability of fooling most people, though she is as scheming as the first daughter-in-law. Her profound affection of movies helps her disguise her acid comments in a more humorous and witty manner.

The wife of the youngest son Radhakrishnan, Gayathri (the third daughter-in-law) is an expert dancer who excels in Bharat Natyam; she is also obsessed with fitness. By the misfortune of being the youngest daughter-in-laws, he is forced to tag along her elder compatriots. Though there is a large amount of friction between the three daughters-in-law, they always stand together and fight against the common enemy, their Mother-in-law Laxmi. The tale takes a drastic change when the eldest grandson of the family and the darling of the entire household, Vijay, goes against the wishes of the family and marries Thulasi (the daughter of the family priest). Thulasi is treated badly by her mother-in-law, Rajeshwari and by the other females in the family- Chitra and Gayathri.

After bearing it in silence for a long time, Thulasi retaliates against her mother-in-law (and Chitra and Gayathri) at which point they (Rajeshwari, Chitra, and Gayathri) realise that they too are daughters-in-law of the same family. Thus the title, which literally translates to –“What is it Mother-in-law” is highly apt and falls in sync with the storyline, which moves at a hectic pace keeping the viewer engrossed with the various misadventures of the Swamy family daughters-in-law.



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DOB: 26 July 1960
Chinni Jayanth
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