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Why Nettv4u?

Nettv4u is India’s popular website in the biography niche, only second to its Youtube niche. If you are seriously looking for the right website wherein you can present yourself in the Internet, why don’t you try getting a profile through us?

When your profile is being searched by others, it will show up in Google. Who knows! You may even reach the heights of success through us from being the local popular person to a much renowned celebrity!

The encouraging part is that your profile will also appear in the related section of your contemporaries who may be having a healthy competition with you. For example, if you are a choreographer (we do accept for budding choreographers/those who are passionate in their work too; see below), your profile will appear in the related part of choreographers like Farah Khan, Prabhu Deva, Brinda, Ganesh Acharya, etc.

You are an inspirer and we give you the deserved attention!

You should have a fair recognition in certain niches.

Or still, if you have done your best in your field of expertise and need the required appreciation, then all you have to do is to send your profile to us. A helping hand is sometimes needed to bring the right talent to limelight. And we do this by seeing you competent.

With the strong belief that things can change only if we volunteer to lend a helping hand, we want to just confirm whether you fall under any of these categories.

  • Are you a good chef who enjoy cooking thoroughly and people around you are amazed by your good culinary skills? Why don’t you take your skills to a whole new level?  You may be owning a Youtube channel too.
  • Or are you a landscape gardener or maintains an impressive garden by spending lot of time in attending to your plants? We know you are patient. Why don’t you gain the required limelight?
  • Or are you a good singer, who has a fabulous tone to your voice and have immense control throughout? Think about making your profile with us.
  • Or are you an energetic person who designs colorful patterns of Rangoli and even have Youtube Channel for it? Why don’t you add more color to your life by showing it to a more larger audience?
  • Or are you a spiritual speaker who has lot of devotional knowledge about pilgrimage and the myths and legends specific to the country? Think of getting the required attention through us.

Or you can have any skill which needs to come to the spotlight. You can send your profile to us, just following these guidelines which are simple:

If you are planning to make your profile appear on Nettv4u, go through the following points:

There should be complete presentation of all your information including any images.

A clear ID proof is required.  It would be good if you share your details and ID proof by yourself so that we know you have gained long-term satisfaction through us.

The amount for presenting a profile on our website is Rs….1599.

Hope we have clearly explained our rules for making your profile with us.

Steps for making your profile appear

Are you ready to make the payment? If no can email [email protected] and ask your queries

If Yes can pay : https://www.instamojo.com/@nettv4u/

After payment, email us your profile information with your photos. Our editor-in-chief will publish the profile in the next 24 hours you can get the joy of seeing your profile being published with us (the least we can do in the case of budding celebrities/you who is passionate about your niche) when you check your email.