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Veppilaikkaari Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Veppilaikkaari, was aired in Sun Tv ,with very interesting turns and twists .The serial was a story with socio-mythological theme. Produced by Saregama India Limited, with B.R.Vijayalakshmi as creative head, Veppilaikkaari, being a devotional serial, had vast female fan following. The title song starting as “Soolam…eduththa….” praising Amman ,the Goddess, the favorite Goddess among most of the south Indian Tamil women , the song was considered auspicious .The story is about Shakthi Amman , born as girl in a traditional family in a village. Again, this story too was about the believers and nonbelievers. The story with many thrilling episodes, at last reveals that the power of Goddess is the supreme power that protects the humans.

The serial had Vagai Chandrasekar ,Ajay Ratnam, Saadhana, Sribala, Padayappa Ramesh and O.A.K Sundar in the lead.Direction was done by K.Shiva, with the story of Gopu-Babu.The title song by Anuradha Sriram Anuradha Sriram is a well known playback singer an >> Read More... , with Paulraj music, along with the well choreographed dance by D.K.S.Babu was one among the favourite Amman songs of the Tamil serials.Vagai Chandrasekar . The serial also showed, how the Goddess Amman helped the villagers, devotees and doing miracles, in various situations and stages.The story is about Amman, who is called by several names like, Kanchi Kamakshi, Adhiparashakthi, Visalakshmi, Meenakshi and many more. Also known as Veppilaikkaari. The child actress stole many hearts of the viewers. The graphics and animations in the serial was excellent. This serial was blend of emotions, devotions and also with mythological subjects.B.R..Vijayalakshmi , said in an interview, that the success of this serial was beyond the expectations of her crew and herself.


Actress Krithika Tamil TV-Actress
DOB: 17 February 1985
Actress Krithika
Vasu Vikram Tamil TV-Actor
DOB: 16 December 1966
Vasu Vikram
Meera Krishnan Tamil Supporting Actress
DOB: 1 January 1968
Meera Krishnan
A R Murugadoss Tamil Director
DOB: 25 September 1974
A R Murugadoss
Vivek Tamil Comedian
DOB: 19 November 1961