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Heena Rao Tamil Movie Actress
Born: 12 June 1996

Age Now 28

Heena Rao - (Movie Actress)

Padmini Ramachandran Tamil Movie Actress
Born: 12 June 1932

Lived For 73 Years

Padmini Ramachandran - (Movie Actress)

Anitha Sampath Tamil News Reader
Born: 12 June 1992

Age Now 32

Anitha Sampath - (News Reader)

Vinoth Babu Tamil TV-Actor
Born: 12 June 1986

Age Now 38

Vinoth Babu - (TV-Actor)

Neelan K Sekar Tamil Director
Born: 12 June 1976

Age Now 48

Neelan K Sekar - (Director)

Kallapetti Singaram Tamil Actor
Born: 12 June 1938

Lived For 51 Years

Kallapetti Singaram - (Actor)


Supporting Actress Renders The Best

Supporting actresses are those female artists who have a role in the film that is the most important role after the role of the leading actress in the film. Supporting actress goes through all the procedures that the leading actress has to go through. Once the actress is approached by the casting team and the producer, and even the director (if hired), she reads the script and express her views about it- if they feel positive about it, they consult with their agents and sort out the available dates so that it no two(or more) projects clash with each other.

They convey their schedule to the producers and casting offices, and if both the parties agree on the dates the actress is signed in. The supporting actor’s role is extremely important and she is awarded in the ‘Best Actress in Supporting Role’. They go through the styling session that includes costume designing, make-up and hair styling, accessories.