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Prabhu Ganesan or better known as Prabhu is a prominent Indian entrepreneur, producer, comedian and actor who mainly appear in Tamil films. He was born on December 25, 1956 in Chennai, India. His mother is Kamala and his father, Sivaji Ganesan The Honorable Mr. Ganesan was the second son in hi >> Read More... is a stage and film actor during the 20th century. Prabhu is the father of Vikram Prabhu Vikram Prabhu works in Tamil films as an Actor. Fr >> Read More... , who is making a name in the Tamil film industry. After his debut in the 1982 film, Sangili, the actor started to play leading and supporting roles, which gained him the Best Actor in Lead Role Award by the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards in after donning a brilliant performance in the Tamil film, Chinna Thambi in 1991.

He studied at Bishop Cotton School in Bangalore and after this he entered film production and worked as an executive producer to his uncle, V. C. Shanmugan. Initially, his father is hesitant in allowing him to become an actor but after some time and because of his work, he started to receive several offers from many filmmakers. When Sangili was released, Prabhu was working on films like Pudhiya Sangaman and Kozhi Koovuthu that later became Prabhu’s first commercial success film. He is also doing four more film at that time and later on, he was featured in over thirty films; nineteen of which he donned with his father including Santhippu, Neethibathi and Mirudhanga Chakravarthy. But when his career started to drop, he started to consider the types of films he agreed on doing. He opted to appear in films that will co-start his father and continuously choose the subjects of the film he selected, rather than accepting many offers as possible.

Some of the first few films he agreed on doing after a hiatus include Aruvadai Naal in 1986 and Paalaivana Rojakkal. Both films become successful and after that, he received commercial successes in year 1988 in films like Guru Sishyan Guru Sishyan was telecasted in Puthuyugam Tv.It wa >> Read More... , Agni Natchathiram Agni Natchathriam is an Indian-Tamil language tele >> Read More... and En Thangachi Padichava. The success of En Thangachi Padichava brings him to a successful association with P. Vasu in films like Chinna Thambi and Senthamizh Pattu. He successively worked in his 100th film, Rajakumaran by R. V. Udayakumar before he portrayed different roles in K. Balachander’s Duet in 1994 and the Malayalam film, Kaalapani in 1996. But during the late 90’s, many of his films failed to become successful so he shifted to a different genre and choose scripts that will appeal to family audiences. In the early 2000’s, he worked with the popular directors like T. P. Gajendran and Rama Narayanan.

He choose to accept offers where he will portray supporting roles instead of leading roles and he was featured together with Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... and Rajinikanth in films like Vasool Raja MBBS in 2004 and Chandramukhi in 2005. Some of his films include Unakkum Enakkum, Ayan, Thaamirabharani, Billa, Kanthaswamy, Raavanan and 3, followed by his venture in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films.

Prabhu got married to Punitha in year 1984 and they have been blessed with two children namely Vikram Prabhu and Aishwarya Prabhu. It has been reported that Prabhu had a live in relationship with actress, Kushboo and the two got married on September 12, 1993 and later got divorced in year 1994. He was presented Doctorates for his great contribution to the cinema industry by Vel’s University and Sathyabama University.



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