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Tamil Director ( 0 - 12 )


Director Is "The Captain Of The Crew"

A director is the person who directs a film. He is the one who has control over the artistic and dramatic aspects in the film.  He has a certain visual of the script in his head and he directs and guides the cast and the crew of the film to attain the visual. While some directors attend film school to learn to direct, others learn to direct through other directors while being screenwriters, cinematographers, etc. After acting in a number of films, some actors also become directors of films or episodes of TV series.

They play an important role is selecting the cast and crew for the film or TV series. The director is requires to maintain intimate involvement in each and every stage of the movie and so he is the one who works the most of the movie. He needs to have an artistic vision and excellent ability to notice details so that he can give feedback to the cast and crew to perform perfectly to achieve his vision of the script. Some directors also make small appearances in their movies at times. He needs to be focused and be able to deliver under pressure of a stressful and fast paced environment of movie making.