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Ninaithale Inikum is an Indian-Tamil language television serial that gets aired on Polimer TV. The genre of the show is Drama and Romance. This serial started airing on 6th November 2017. This is broadcasted every Monday to Friday at 6:30 PM. This was created by Shashi Sumeet Productions and is directed by Yogesh Bijendra Bhatti. The star cast of the show includes Ashi Singh Ashi Singh is an Indian actress who was born on th >> Read More... and Randeep Rai Randeep Rai is an actor working in various TV seri >> Read More... . This show is inspired by the actual love story of Shashi and Sumeet Mittal Sumeet Mittal, a young man from Ahmedabad, is a mu >> Read More... . The serial baseline emphasizes the adolescent romance between a guy and girl named Nithya and Sameer.

This serial expresses the magic of  ‘first love.' Nithya is a simple, good girl, and on the other hand, Sameer is flamboyant in her school in Ahmedabad. She started feeling for her when she met him. She finds that Sameer was hitting some other guy in a fight. She complains to the principal that Sameer is the person who has beaten the guy. Sameer gets to know about this, and then he starts hating her. He was suspended from school. The misunderstanding between Sameer and Nithya is the reason for their fight. He bets with his friends that he would let Nithya fall in love with him.

He falls in love with her as she cares for him as no one did before. The thing which started as a bet ended up as true love. When Nithya knows about the bet made, she feels heartbroken and runs away. Further episodes of the serial will tell how they come close to each other again.

Nithya finally forgives Sameer, and they confess their love for each other. Sameer moves to Delhi to live with his mother. Nithya and Sameer continue the long-distance relationship. Sameer becomes an RJ, and Nithya tops in school. Sameer slowly gets depressed while adjusting to his stepdad's family. His mother sent him back to Ahmedabad. The final year of school passes. Nithya and Sameer join in the same college. Their love was at its peak when Nithya realized that her family would not support her love story. They mutually break up and remain friends. Soon, the marriage of Nithya gets fixed with Sharad. But Nithya breaks it off due to his disrespectful behavior. The family finally sees the love of Sameer and approves their relationship. After a lot of struggles, Nithya and Sameer finally got married. Sameer brought a bungalow for Nithya. Initially, the couple found it hard to adjust to each other as Nithya was not meeting the expectations of Sameer. Things become worse, and Nithya comes back to her family. After separating for a few days, they both start missing each other and realize their love for each other. Nithya and Sameer reunite. Sameer wants to become an actor. Nithya supports her passion. They sold their bungalow and everything. The couple moves to Mumbai with her father. Arjun,His son abandon him. Arjun and his wife wanted to live their life without any interruption.

Initially, in Mumbai, Nithya and Sameer acted as single because it was hard for a married to become a hero in the film line. The cousin sister of Nithya was also living in the same building. They faced many ups and downs in Mumbai. Nithya finally acknowledges her writing skills and gives it a shot. She pitched her first idea to a well-known producer, and the serial became successful. Soon, Sameer also does well in his career. Nithya becomes pregnant and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sameer buys the bungalow that he brought as a wedding gift for Nithya. This serial ends on a happy note when the three of them come back to Ahmedabad.


Kanal Kannan Tamil Stunt Director
DOB: 1 January 1969
Kanal Kannan
Murali Tamil Movie Actor
DOB: 19 May 1964
Rekha Krishnappa Tamil TV-Actress
DOB: 6 April 1988
Rekha Krishnappa
Sathyapriya Tamil Movie Actress
DOB: 15 May 1954
A. C. Murali Mohan Tamil TV-Actor
DOB: 1 June 1960
A. C. Murali Mohan
Meera Krishnan Tamil Supporting Actress
DOB: 1 January 1968
Meera Krishnan