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Top 10 Best Telugu Serials

1. Mogali Rekulu

Image Mogali Rekulu is an Indian soap opera, drama, romance, and action television series. Srikanth Entertainment Pvt created it. The serial started airing on 18th February 2008, and with 1368 episodes, it ended on 24th May 2013. Directed by Manjula Naidu and written by Bindu, it became a very popular serial. Karuna, Sagar, Muktar, Ravi Varma, and Shruti are the main stars of this series. The series starts with Daya, Dharma, Satya, and their younger sister Shanti. After a few years, Shanti gets married to RK Naidu, a DGP in Mumbai. Her brother meets Selva, who involves him in illegal activities. Selva kills Dharma and Daya. The story is full of suspense and thrill.

Mogali Rekulu Serial Video Review

2. Chakravakam - Telugu

Image Created by Naidu Manjula, Chakravakam is a successful and very popular serial and broadcasts on Gemini TV. It was launched on 3rd November and with 1111 episodes, it lasted till 15th February 2008. Srikanth Entertainment Pvt. Ltd studios created Romance, Drama and an Action, 3-in-1 genres. A.R.C. Babu, Selvaraj, Likitha, Ramaprabha, Sagar, Ms. Ramaprabha, Mr. Madhu, Mr. Bhel Prasad, Mr. Selvaraj, Ms. Vennela, Ms. Sameera, Ms. Preethy Nigam, Mr. Jakky and Mr. Rmakrishna are the main stars in this series and climbed to the top of the audience ratings. Chakravakam entered in the Andhra Pradesh Cinegoers’ Television Awards in 2006 and won 7 awards, including the Best Characters Actor and Actress and the Best Actress. In Novembe...

3. Swathi Chinukulu

Image Actress: Neha Gowda, Sithara, Sindhura Dharshanam Released on 9th September 2013 Swathi Chinukulu, a new television Drama serial is being broadcasted on ETV Telugu from Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM. It has successfully completed airing 839 episodes as on 20th April 2016 . Swathi Chinukulu is directed by Radha Krishna Malieni and is pened by Madhav. So, they made the serial a must watch series with the help of the well chosen cast in the form of Ramyakrishnan, Vanisree, Sharath Banu and other great actors. Swathi Chinukulu presents the story of three women. They come from different countries so they have different mentalities, different traditions that they have to follow in daily life, different cultures and their difficul...

4. Amrutham

Image Created by Just Yellow Media, Amrutham one of the most popular sitcom in Telugu and also it was the longest running sitcom. It was launched on 18th November 2001 until 18th November 2007 and it was broadcasted Sundays at 8:30PM on Gemini TV. With 3 seasons and 313 episodes each season that is one of the reasons that make it so appreciated. Created by Gunnam Gangaraju and Urmila Gunnam as executive producer they filmed this sitcom in Hyderabad in India. Jhansi, Sivaji Raja, Naresh, Harsha Vardhan, Rao Hanumantha Gundu, Ragini, Vasu Inturi, Siva Narayana is the main stars in the sitcom. Icchapurapu Amrutha Rao shortly Amrutham is the main character of the series and is played by Naresh, Sivaji Raja and Vardham Harsha in differ...

5. Agnipoolu

Image Agni poolu Or AgniPoolu is the popular Television series directed by Manjula naidu. The series is telecasted on Gemini TV on prime slot from 8 Pm to 8.30 Pm, immediately preceding most popular serial Mogalirekulu. The story is based on the novel Agnipoolu by Yuddanapudi Sulochana Rani The story revolves around four young girls who despite of their economic and social differences share a pure bond of friendship. The four girls Rajyalakshmi, Mythili, Neelaveni and Sonia are from different backgrounds. Rajya Lakshmi is a daughter of single mother who works in a company as a HR manger. Mythili is an orphan and she runs an orphanage in the city. Her childhood friend meet her af...

6. Lakshmi Kalyanam

Image Lakshmi Kalyanam is a Telugu television series that caters to the family drama genre. A remake of the same series in Tamil and by the same name started being aired on Vijay TV from February 7, 2017. The original series in Telugu airs in Maa TV. The plot of the serial revolves around the lives of two sisters or we can merely say it is a tale of two sisters. The story portrays a beautiful mix of emotions and sacrifices that bind the relationship between siblings. Having a sibling is said to be one of the most enduring instances of people’s lives. The influence they have on us, the love and care they shower on us, and the sacrifices they make for us determines a significant portion of our lives. People without siblings feel jealous of...

7. America Ammayi

Image Zee Telugu India had come up with various serials since its broadcast in the country. Unlike other television channels, it had telecast the television programs mainly to attract the audience from all the age groups. America Ammayi wasone of them. As the name suggests, it had the composition of one of the mothers from the American Region. The picture of the drama would add further clarity as to the theme of the mega star. One could clearly see a beautiful girl sitting along the milestone with luggage and a rucksack carrying on her belongings. A common man's perception would be that the dramatization would be set to revolve around the concepts of love and motherhood. The...

8. Jabardasth

Image Jabardasth Comedy Show was a popular Telugu comedy show, prized exceptional among the Telugu shows, on ETV channel. It is a comedy serial, in which Shankar, Raghava, and Sudheer showcase riotous comedy spoofs. The first episode was telecasted on 10 October 2014, including renowned Telugu film industry actor and maker Nagendra Babu along with Telugu movie performer and leader Roja. The idea was mainly a competition between six diverse teams, which later on became among five teams who on a weekly base contested with each other by enacting a comedy skit. At the end of the show, all groups would be counted out of ten points by judges Nagendra Babu and Roja. The Lastly, a winne...

9. Karthika Deepam

Image This is a show in the category of Telugu tv series. The show is aired on Star Maa, and its first episode was aired on 29th September 2018. Till now it has completed 300 episodes. The leads of the show are Nirupam Paritala and Premi Vishwanath. This tv serial is the remake of famous Malayalam serial Karuthamuthu which was aired on Asianet. The plot of the story is about Deepa (played by Premi Vishwanath), and her life. She is a girl with dark skin, but pure heart. Because of her color, she had to face a lot of problems, and discriminations, but then she finds love in Karthik (played by Nirupam Paritala), and he becomes her strength. This is a good story to promote the message against racism.

Karthika Deepam Serial Video R...

10. Mudda Mandaram

Image Muddha Mandaram is a Telugu television show that airs on the channel Zee Telugu that started on 17Th November 2014. The story of the serial explores a conflict between the personalities of two persons. It is also about a disagreement between two mindsets and between two different classes. The two between whom the conflict occurs is Akhilandeshwari and Parvathi. The story of Muddha Mandaram is about these two women who are very strong-willed, and they do everything they can to fight against the class conflicts that still exist in the society. It is because of this that they face a lot of troubles which also is the thing that hampers their relation. The show has a pretty different storyline. It revolves around ...


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