Sudigali Sudheer is a very well-known name to the Telugu television viewers. He came into limelight with the most famous Telugu show Jabardast. But his life before Jabardast is not much known. He was born on May 19, 1987, in Vijayawada and also pursued his studies, which was till twelfth, in Vijayawada itself. He discontinued his studies owing to his interest in pursuing his pursuing a career in acting. Even his parents were also very supportive and always encouraged him. His mother had a strong resolution to see her son on silver screen, and his father had been his constant guide. When he was in twelfth standard, he participated in a Maa TV event named “Santoor Star and One Chance” which aimed at hunting young talent. He had been a finalist in the contest and ended as a Runner-up. But this contest couldn’t fetch him movie offers. Instead, it made him miss his twelfth class board exams. He then came back home and started planning to appear for exams next year. But unfortunately, his father met with an accident and had to stay in bed for quite some time. Being the eldest son of the family he had to take the family responsibilities on his shoulders. He came to Hyderabad and started working at Ramoji film city as a street magician entertaining people who visit Film City, through this he used to make eight thousand rupees per month.

He worked there for two years. But he had always been a person who aimed at achieving heights. So he couldn’t continue in that job for more than two years. He then left the job and planned to launch his magic shows. For the next three years, he had the toughest time of his life. There had been times when he had nothing to eat. During this time, he also worked as an assistant to a magician named Ali. His life took a turn with the most famous Telugu comedy show Jabardast. His Jabardast career started as a team member in “Venu Wonders” team. This chance was given to him by his friend Sreenu now popularly known as “Getup Sreenu” who was unable to accept the chance because he was busy with another show, later he too joined Jabardast. Now both these guys have their teams. One performs in Jabardast while other in extra Jabardast. The only and widespread rumour about him was about his affair with Jabardast’s anchor Rashmi Gautam Rashmi Gautam is an actress who mainly works in Te >> Read More... Rashmi Gautam , which was later condemned by both of them.