Telugu Tv Serial Lakshmi Kalyanam

Lakshmi Kalyanam Telugu TV SERIALS on Maa TV

Lakshmi Kalyanam is a Telugu television series that caters to the family drama genre. A remake of the same series in Tamil and by the same name started being aired on Vijay TV from February 7, 2017. The original series in Telugu airs in Maa TV. The plot of the serial revolves around the lives of two sisters or we can merely say it is a tale of two sisters. The story portrays a beautiful mix of emotions and sacrifices that bind the relationship between siblings. Having a sibling is said to be one of the most enduring instances of people’s lives. The influence they have on us, the love and care they shower on us, and the sacrifices they make for us determines a significant portion of our lives. People without siblings feel jealous of the ones with siblings.

But isn’t grass always greener on the other side? Lakshmi Kalyanam depicts the life of two sisters, Lakshmi and Swathi. The sisters lose their mother when they are young and Lakshmi, being the elder, takes the responsibility of giving a mother’s love to her younger sister. She even cares a lot for her entire family. Lakshmi operates a small embroidery shop to make ends meet and pay for her sister's education. The love-filled emotions depicted between the two sisters would leave you in awe and appreciation of sibling relationships. After all, all we want our siblings to do is be on the same page as us. Right? But life has a curious way of turning things upside down. Similarly in the serial, fate interfered and Lakshmi had to make a huge sacrifice, or rather a series of sacrifices, for her sister and things, begin to change.

What are the sacrifices that Lakshmi makes? Read ahead carefully as there are some spoilers here! Lakshmi goes around to marry Kalyan in order to get her sister, Swathi, married to Vinod, Kalyan’s brother. Upon entering her new life, she is asked by her mother-in-law, Rajeswari Devi, to get her uterus removed as per the rules on which the marriage was based. Lakshmi promptly agrees to this for the sake of her sister. There’s quite a bit of apprehension in the air on how Lakshmi’s life is going to be after this. The series is packed with all the signature concepts of a family soap opera. It has evil plots laid down by Rajeswari Devi, heartbreaking moments when Lakshmi loses her job or when Swathi tries to commit suicide (told you, spoilers!), and even moments full of smiles pertaining to the romantic angle of Lakshmi and Kalyan.