Rama Rajamouli Telugu Actress
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Rajamouli, the famous director known for his astonishing and astounding work in the movie Bahubali. He knew his wife Rama for a long time since Rama was music manager for M. M. Keeravani’s (Rajamouli’s cousin) wife Sreevalli’s sister. Rama was already wedded when the couple first met, and she even had a kid. Sometime around the year 2000, Rama and her then-spouse filed for a split-up, which led to an unpleasant conclusion but appreciatively left her as the solitary guardian of her lad. During this rough period of her life, Rajamouli remained by her side. During the passage of time, he realized that the circumstances were developing positively for him to make an offer to Rama. S.S. Rajamouli lastly proposed to Rama around 2001.

The Rama Rajamouli wedding was a simple court matrimonial the same year, which was only joined by close household associates. In a meeting, Rajamouli has often shared that Rama’s divorced status did not basket his love towards her, and he was all set to accept her with her child from the previous wedding. The affection between the pair was incredible, and right after the Rama Rajamouli matrimonial, Rajamouli made it a point to have her escort him to flick sets. Little did he see that she would soon find herself a new outfit designer. It was 2003, and Rajamouli occupied himself on his next Telugu movie. It was one of those movie days when his spouse had attended him. The get-ups for the film had reached, and as the director, Rajamouli tremendously dissatisfied by the appearance of the outfits.

In spite of being unhappy with the costume designer’s labor, he was having a difficult time aiming it out what precisely was wrong with those attires. His partner Rama instantly came to his rescue and quickly pointed out the inadequacies in the group of clothes, which turned out to be exactly what Rajamouli had felt. Rama also added that she is keen on being a uniform designer only for her companion since she feels a notion of correlation with her husband, which she may not have with some other film director.Their devotion towards appreciating each other is possibly the best part of the Rama Rajamouli wedding. Rama and Rajamouli have had a successful run with their matrimonial along with their offspring, son Karthikeya, and daughter Mayookha. Rama has always been expressive about her admiration towards her partner’s style of directing a flick.

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