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Created by Naidu Manjula, Chakravakam is a successful and very popular serial and broadcasts on Gemini TV. It was launched on 3rd November and with 1111 episodes, it lasted till 15th February 2008. Srikanth Entertainment Pvt. Ltd studios created Romance, Drama and an Action, 3-in-1 genres. A.R.C. Babu, Selvaraj, Likitha, Ramaprabha, Sagar, Ms. Ramaprabha, Mr. Madhu, Mr. Bhel Prasad, Mr. Selvaraj, Ms. Vennela, Ms. Sameera, Ms. Preethy Nigam, Mr. Jakky and Mr. Rmakrishna are the main stars in this series and climbed to the top of the audience ratings.

Chakravakam entered in the Andhra Pradesh Cinegoers’ Television Awards in 2006 and won 7 awards, including the Best Characters Actor and Actress and the Best Actress. In November, the serial won the award for The Best Male Playback Singer at the Nandi Awards. Gemini television made a statement about this serial being as “a high power emotional drama”. The main problem with the storyline raised the question if love can live and survive when the children and the parents cannot lift up their life expectations and if there is a solution for common life problems.

Also, it presents some common situations that how hard it is to maintain and keep a family together in times where money and stress involves with love and how we can misunderstand some acts that are innocent and it comes from the people that we love.