Madusudhan Rao is a very popular Tamil and Telugu actor. He has done many amazing films. He has got an appealing personality. The audience likes his performance very much. He has done the movie Goli Soda Click to look into! >> Read More... Goli Soda in the year 2014 and did a great job.

Goli Soda is a Tamil drama movie and the story of the movie is about four boys who decide to start a mess and get settled, but one of them rapes a woman in their mess and difficulties start from there in their lives. People liked Madusudhan’s performance in the movie very much. He also did the movie Kathakali in the year 2016. Kathakali is a thriller film and involves a little action as well; this movie is about a guy who comes to India from U.S to get married to his girlfriend. Madhusudhan has played an amazing role in the film Kathakali as well. He also did the movie Kaashmora in the year 2016, the director of this film is Gokul and he is the writer as well. Kaashmora is an all time favorite movie of the audience and Madusudhan is a great actor and he has done a splendid job in all the movies that he has done. Madusudhan is a very versatile actor and he has done the movies of different genres and did well.

He has done movies in Tamil and Telugu as he is good at both the languages and is very fluent as well. Madhusudhan achieved more and more in the industry after he did the role of Naidu in the movie Goli Sada.

He got many offers of different roles after Goli Sada and slowly and gradually he became one of the favorites of the audience. He has played the roles of Antagonist in movies like Vanmam in the year 2014; this is a Tamil action drama film. As an antagonist, he did another film named Massu Engira Masilamani Click to look into! >> Read More... Massu Engira Masilamani in the year 2015. Madusudhan is a brilliant performer and does his roles with all the sincerity. He is a very hard - working actor and works day and night to make the movie a successful one.

He has done the movies like Karnaa in the year 1995 and played the role of City Officer, Anthapuram (Telugu) in the year 1999 and played the role of Prakash Raj’s Henchman, Anji (Telugu) in the year 2004 and played the role of Tinu Anand’s Henchman and much more. He has contributed to both Tamil and Telugu film industry a lot.