Actor Krishna Reddy

Other names of Actor Krishna Reddy: Krishna Reddy

Krishna Reddy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Krishna Reddy , a Telugu TV actor, is popularly known as Chinna Babu Click to look into! >> Read More... Chinna Babu in the TV Show ‘Muddha Mandaram.’ He is a simple boy from a small town who has a graduate degree in B. Tech. He has been through a lot of struggle to reach the point where he is today. He was later crowned as the Ghattammaneni Prince of Muddha Mandaram.

He wants to inspire today’s youth with his work. According to him, his family used to compliment him on his good looks and compared him to other famous Tollywood actors. He felt delighted, and after that, he got a ray of hope to pursue a career in acting. To try his luck, he came to Hyderabad to become an actor.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t succeed in the first few attempts. But he didn’t lose his confidence and hope and kept on his struggle. He gave a lot of auditions and also found a job for him to work side by side. He even borrowed some money from his father, who didn’t question him at all.

As Krishna was out of work, he decided to give a shot at the TV show ‘Mudhha Mandaram.’ After some time, he got a call back from the show. His happiness knew no bounds. Soon he starting working and today, he is a well liked face of the industry. He is thankful for all the opportunities this show has given him, and he truly lives like a prince today!

Another Version of the Bio...

Krishna Reddy is an Indian Television Actor in the Telugu Television series. He was from a small town Ramavaram, Andhra Pradesh. He did his schooling from Sri Krishnaveni Talent School, and Aditya Public School, Kakinada. He completed his graduation degree from KIET University, Kakinada, in Bachelors of Engineering Technology. Krishna Reddy is a famous Television star of Zee Telugu.

He came to Hyderabad to be an actor and currently living in Hyderabad. Krishna wants to become an actor in Tollywood, but he got rejected many-times and being called not fit for the role; he lost all hopes but still refused to give up. He found a job in Hyderabad, along with which he was also going for auditions.

After working some months, he got the offer of a film, although it didn’t boast of big names but came as a ray of hope. After, getting offer, he borrowed money from his father and shifted to Hyderabad. After coming to Hyderabad he got rejected from that film as well. Then he got an opportunity to work in Muddha Mandarm Television Show as Chinna Babu, the show was hit beyond expectations, and become a turning point in the life of Krishna Reddy.