Telugu Tv Serial Amrutham

Amrutham Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Created by Just Yellow Media, Amrutham one of the most popular sitcom in Telugu and also it was the longest running sitcom. It was launched on 18th November 2001 until 18th November 2007 and it was broadcasted Sundays at 8:30PM on Gemini TV. With 3 seasons and 313 episodes each season that is one of the reasons that make it so appreciated. Created by Gunnam Gangaraju and Urmila Gunnam as executive producer they filmed this sitcom in Hyderabad in India. Jhansi, Sivaji Raja, Naresh, Harsha Vardhan, Rao Hanumantha Gundu, Ragini, Vasu Inturi, Siva Narayana is the main stars in the sitcom.

Icchapurapu Amrutha Rao shortly Amrutham is the main character of the series and is played by Naresh, Sivaji Raja and Vardham Harsha in different episodes and seasons. He is an old and a naïve man who owns a restaurant with his name Amrutha Vilas. He tries every time to solve the problems and dreams to make his restaurant one of the biggest but almost all the time he ends losing something. With all the characters in the serial makes the serial to be much appreciated and it received good reviews from the critics and it became a must watch series.