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Preethi nigam is a Telugu and Hindi actress. She is a north Indian. Her father and mother, both are retired teachers. Her father was a stage artist. Because of her father, she got an interest in acting. She has 3 sisters and one brother. She is a professional classical dancer. She performed for many shows. She learned kuchipudi, kathak, and all Indian folk dances. Preethi and shilpa chakravarthi were participated together in many dance shows. She first started her career through Hindi serials on DD2 and also she acted in Hindi movies also. She started her acting career in Telugu with ruthuragalu serial. It was the first successful daily serial in Telugu. She got married with Nagesh karra and this was love cum arranged marriage. They were both bonding together on November 4, 1999. Nagesh is also an actor, but acting is not his profession and he has taken it as a hobby. At present he is working for a software company. Nagesh and preethi were both acted in many serials like ruthuragalu, kasthuri, aadadhi, and Hindi serials also.

She is a good actress. She got fame into serials like kasthuri and ruthuragalu. Almost, she worked for more than 35 serials. Mostly audience remembered her as a villain because she worked for one serial called chandramukhi, in this she played villain role. She worked for this serial nearly 5 years and it was completed 1400 plus episodes. She also acted in chakravakam and it was completed 1000 plus episodes. Now, she and her husband both were acting in one serial called Kanchana Ganga Kanchanaganga is a Telugu daily serial which was b >> Read More... . She expressed her expressions through her eyes in acting. She has 2 children: Aryan karra and Adithi sree. Preethi’s mother tongue is not Telugu but she can speak good Telugu because of her husband, he is from Hyderabad. And also she can speak Hindi and English. She worked for Hindi movies like well done abba and Chakeli ailamma. And she also acted with Amithab bachan. She has dreams like to do comedy roles. She loves to do her job with dedication and sincerity. Sruthi singampalli is her best friend in Telugu industry.

Movies: Kani, aadab Hyderabad, ee abbai chala manchodu, etc.

Serials: kasthuri, ruthuragalu, kanchana ganga, chakravakam, chandramuki, aadadhi, sravana sameeralu,etc.


Born: 26 February 1962

Age Now 62

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Born: 26 February 1986

Age Now 38

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Born: 25 February 1973

Age Now 51

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Born: 24 February 1984

Age Now 40

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Born: 24 February 1984

Age Now 40

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Born: 24 February 1993

Age Now 31

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Born: 24 February 1992

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