Manager Manjula Naidu and her sister Bindu Naidu are the theatre epitomes of the small screen. Unlike the compound image their series have on the audiences, the sisters are exceptionally humorous and when they talk non-stop in standard Hyderabadi — a combination of English, Telugu, and Hindi, it can be amusing.

The sisters have their opinion when the camera reels on the sets. But when someone else calls the shots, the duo does everything to stay absent from the attention. The sisters combined hands with Aagamanam. Bindu made a few tv-flicks on her own and once more reverted to her sister with Chakravakam. The series with a component of surprise as USP recognized for their viewership. The characters are pretty distinct, and they admire each other's production. If Manjula cannot stop gibbering about Bindu's chats and script, the younger sister is in awe of Manjula's management. If the personality is ideal and flamboyant a characters, the conversations often come with a sugar-coated tablet.

If the sisters talk about morals like a moral science class, the audiences will not be interested. The personalities are dipped in politeness and talk about ethics. However, Bindu twists and turn the scheme to make the chapters thrilling. While the sisters do not remark on the other Telugu serializations that broadcast on prime time, Manjula makes an argument, though. In one of the Hindi sequential, she saw a mother telling her daughter to do everything so that a boy goes into her room. It was very sickening and awkward as she’s from the same business.

Understanding seems to be an uncommon term nowadays. She hopes the channel will see more female authors who will bring in compassion to the articles. Every week a TRP assessment keeps the sisters on high alert. The burden is unimaginable, but they love the trials. If Bindu feels the story is deteriorating, she brings in the alterations to make the plot progress at a faster rate. Bindu's spouse U. Balaji, (CEO of HMRI) is her knowledgeable and perfect partner.

Exploring human relationships has been their gift. Now, Manjula desires to develop her horizon to the other provincial languages like Kannada and Tamil. What about movies? Why are conclusive flicks looked-for? Retorts Bindu. However, her elder sister has a few big schemes for small managers. She wants to inspire small movie makers. Talks are on with a few young talents, and she’s hopeful that good pictures are on their way.