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Getup Srinu is the stage name of the Indian television actor, stand-up comedian, and film actor, Bodupalli Srinu. He has worked mainly in the Tamil television and film industry. He was born on 12th December 1984 in Achanta Mandal, Kalingapalam, in West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. His zodiac sign is Leo. He is married to Sujatha and has one son. He completed his studies in Achanta Mandal and later moved to Hyderabad for work and started working in the Tamil television and film industry.

He started his journey as a comedy show contestant and has become a team leader now. He is also known as Jabardasth Jabardasth Comedy Show was a popular Telugu comedy >> Read More... Srinu because of his work in comedy shows. He made his television debut with Telugu comedy show ‘Jabardasth’ in 2013. In 2014, he did extra Jabardasth. He is acknowledged by the audience for his imitation of famous Telugu film actors in the Sudigali Sudheer Sudigali Sudheer is a very well-known name to the >> Read More... team.

He has also hosted a television show ‘Cinema Chupista Mama’ on ETV Plus. He has also known for his work in some Telugu films like Rangasthalam (2018), Khaidi No. 150 (2017) and, 3 Monkeys (2010). His inspiration is his favorite actor PawanKalyan.

Another Version of this Bio...

S Boddupalli born 12 Dec 1984 is an actor, comedian and TV artist who is popularly known as “Jabardasth Srinu” because of his performances in a show called Jabardasth aired on ETV. Srinu dons various getups on the show, which gave him another name “Getup Srinu”. He is also popularly known as “Bulli thera Kamal Hasan” which means “short screen Kamal Hasan”. He does awestruck mimicry and is famous among youth and rose to fame and became a renowned personality because of his show Jabardasth.

The actor won the “Best Entertainer Award” at TV Awards in 2014. Born to Ramaswami at Kadapa on 12 Dec 1984, Srinu is the younger kid among the two sons his father had. He did his schooling from Zph School Siddapuram, Akividu. He was a B.Tech student and wanted to enter in Telugu film industry with Chiranjeevi as his role model. He met his wife Sujatha Suji in 2011 and got married to her on 23 March 2013. The couple has been blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

He performs in Jabardasth with his college friend Sudigali Sudhir and is one of the rising stars of the silver screen. Both of them paired with Auto Ramprasad and formed a team on Extra Jabardasth ‘Extra Jabardasth’ Katharnak had the extended vers >> Read More... which aired on ETV. He entered Jabardasth in team Venu Wonders with other team members under the leadership of Venu (Tillu). The show started on 7 February 2013. The second season aired on 22 August 2013 saw him performing with his team members under the leadership of Sudigali Sudhir. In the third season which aired on 9 October 2014, he formed his team with Ramprasad and him being the team leader. The show earns him approximately around 1-1.8 lakhs. His team Venu Wonders has won three times on the show. Some of his best performances in the show are “Getup Srinu dressed up as Nayaki lady warden”, “Getup Srinu as Omkar Annaya”, “Getup Srinu as Police with bosta slang”, “Getup Srinu as Kallu compound owner”, “Getup Srinu as Posani”, “Getup Srinu as Crime time news reader”, “Getup Srinu as Chekka allude”, “Getup Srinu as Beggar”, “Getup Srinu as Chichara pidugu” and “Getup Srinu as Konda yerri papa”.

Jabardasth Srinu has done many films in which he played pivotal characters. He appeared in Thank You Mithrama which released in 2016. Before that he has worked in Tungabhadra, Vammo, Pora Povey and some others. The novice actor has also worked in some short films such as 7:30 am and Beggar which came in 2016 and 2013 respectively. Srinu also supported many serious issues. He was a part of “Mana Madras Kosam” which helped the people of Tamil Nadu whose life destroyed in flood and “#LetsRebuildVizag” which was to support people of Vishakhapatnam from the “Hudhud” storm.


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