Neha Gowda Kannada Actress

Neha Gowda is born in Karnataka, India. She has been into modeling since her high school years. She is a daughter of well-known make-up artist in Kannada Film Industry, Ramakrishnan and also sister to a famous actress Sonu alias Sruthi Ramakrishnan Sruthi Ramakrishnan also known as Sonu Gowda is an >> Read More... Sruthi Ramakrishnan . She has been to Camel High School, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore. Besides being a model, she has also acted in a couple of serials named “ Swathi Chinukulu Actress: Neha Gowda, Sithara, Sindhura Dharshanam >> Read More... Swathi Chinukulu ” as Mythili aired on ETV and “ Lakshmi Baramma” in the role of Shruthi and Gombe. Both the serials are being aired for more than 350 episodes to date. Recently, she is seen as a female protagonist in a short film named “ Take Off Click to look into! >> Read More... Take Off .” Her career started as a model, then TV artist and now getting highlighted with the movie industry. Besides being a novice to the Telugu language, she manages to express and dub her roles in the serials.

Her remarkable performance is well appreciated to be a native Telugu girl. Coming from the family of Kannada film industry, she has a good understanding of the ethics and principles of acting. She is very punctual and received appreciations from her team since day 1. The series Swathi Chinukulu is directed by well-established Telugu Director Krish and most of the scenes, in the beginning, were shot in the foreign country. Despite language differences and new surroundings Neha manages to perform to her best. The whole story revolves around character Mythili, played by Neha Gowda in this serial. This serial was first aired for Vinayaka Chavathi festival and is still on the broadcast. Her role in this serial caught every viewer’s heart in feeling empathizing about typical Indian woman getting lost in a foreign country, besides losing her belongings and passport. The expressions are well put up by her to mesmerize every bit of the episode and keeps the viewers thrilled to wait for the next broadcast