Rama Prabha Telugu Actress
She was born on 5th may 1947 in a town named madanapalle in the present state of Andhra Pradesh. She was about 5’1” and has black eyes.
She was born in a middle class family and raised up by her aunt in Ooty and Madras. She used to travel a lot with her uncle’s family which resulted discontinuity in her studies but had been raised in a better environment.
She never thought of entry into films, with her uncle’s sudden demise, the family situations made her tend towards acting career. When she was giving a classical dance performance, her talent was noticed and an offer was made to her, which brought a wonderful actress to the screen.
She acted in about 1400 movies; her reign was during 1970’s and 1980’s. She married a famous actor Sarath babu (film actor who acted in almost all south Indian languages), who played good duo on the screen but in real life, situation was different and they got divorced in 1988 and after such times her life were hit with many obstacles and presently she is in a pathetic situation.5
She was a good comedian and made a good pair with raja babu, a prominent comedian of that time. She also acted as a supporting character along many of the top actors in Telugu industry.
The same actress Ramaprabha had moved to appear on some TV shows for some financial upright. She is dried up and is in notable financial crisis at this age. The only option that seem to keep her going is through TV as the big roles in films were not approaching. Right now she is appearing in game shows on some Telugu channels to make her existence known to producers and TV audiences to claim certain opportunities for herself.
She is presently acting in some TV serials like ‘Bandham (serial with family sentiments)’ in ETV.
She is currently residing in her birth place Madanapalli away from the Telugu industry. She is presently submerged in her struggle for existence. Couple of years back, she was residing in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, now with the declining opportunities she made a move to safeguard her existence.