Telugu Tv Show Mudda Mandaram

Mudda Mandaram Telugu tv-shows on ZEE TELUGU

Muddha Mandaram is a Telugu television show that airs on the channel Zee Telugu that started on 17Th November 2014. The story of the serial explores a conflict between the personalities of two persons. It is also about a disagreement between two mindsets and between two different classes. The two between whom the conflict occurs is Akhilandeshwari and Parvathi. The story of Muddha Mandaram is about these two women who are very strong-willed, and they do everything they can to fight against the class conflicts that still exist in the society. It is because of this that they face a lot of troubles which also is the thing that hampers their relation. The show has a pretty different storyline. It revolves around issues that exist in the society even today.

Muddha Mandaram is seen to be an eye opener for the public especially about the conflicts that take place among the various classes. It also preaches the idea that how women should be independent and strong-willed. It supports the idea of women empowerment. Haritha plays the role of Akhilandeshwari who was well known for her role in Kalavari Kodalu. Also, the channel has launched a new girl in the role of a female protagonist for the show that is Tanuja who plays the character of Parvathi in the serial.

Nagarjuna, a Tollywood star, promoted this show by accepting Muddha Mandaram plant that was given to him by Tanuja and gifting it to his better half. He expected the chain to continue by inviting people to gift a Mandaram plant to the ones they loved the most. Apart from Haritha and Tanuja, Eswar, Pavan Sai, Krishna Reddy, and Priya were also a part of the show. The performance of the artists was appreciated. Muddha Mandaram aired on the channel from 7.30 to 8.00 pm.

However, there were a lot of criticisms from the side of the audience towards the show which was on account of the excess emotional drama that took away half of the timing of the show. The story is the same old one and offers nothing appealing to watch. The conflict between the two characters of Parvathi and Akhilandeshwari drags too far, and it makes it tiresome for viewers to watch the same old story. Viewers complained about how senseless the story is. No matter how long the show ran for, there was no change in the story line with time. It was depressing for viewers to watch the same theme getting dragged on and on.

Thus, Muddha Mandaram received a lot of negative comments from viewers.