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Bullet Bhaskar Telugu Actor

Indala Bhaskar who is popularly known as Bullet Bhaskar is an actor, director, comedian, writer, screenwriter, and dubbing artist. Bullet Bhaskar has mostly worked in the Tollywood entertainment industry. His date of birth is 13th August 1978. His birthplace is Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. He lives in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. His father's name is Apparao who played a very important role in his life. He has a B. Com degree from Krishna College, Visakhapatnam. He is famous for Jabardasthand and Patas. His hobbies are writing and reading books.

After completing his education, Bullet Bhaskar started and focused on his professional journey. He entered the world of entertainment as a radio personality. His comedic talent and enchanting charisma came to notice at Visakha FM, he captivated listeners through his fascinating radio presentations. Bullet Bhaskar’s expedition continued with a shift to Red FM, a well-known media outlet. There as well he continued to impress the audience with his great energy and captivating radio hosting skills. The charisma of his on-air presence led to his well-deserved promotion at Red FM to the recognized position of Programming Director.

Bullet Bhaskar’s talent was not limited to the airwaves his capability in writing was observed by Rocket Raghava Rocket Raghava is a true comedian. His comic sense >> Read More... Rocket Raghava , a well-known personality in the industry, through a common friend. Galvanized by his literary skills, Raghava approached Indala Bhaskar to collaborate with him as a playwright. welcoming the opportunity wholeheartedly, Indala Bhaskar wrote three plays for Raghava, making appearances in three recognized and different episodes. This crucial association in 2014 with “Jabardhasth” became a defining and life-changing moment in his career, propelling him to newfound popularity and recognition.

During one of his concerts stand-up comedy, Bullet Bhaskar grabbed the attention of both the public and the media, leading to him being lovingly dubbed “Bullet Bhaskar.” This nickname quickly became synonymous with his energetic and lively stage presence, fixing his position as a talented comedian in the industry. Beyond his victorious endeavors in the stand-up comedy field, Bullet Bhaskar entered into the Tollywood entertainment industry, showcasing his acting skills.

In addition to that, he made irreplaceable contributions to the Telugu-language web series industry, further adding to his creative portfolio. Such extensive acclaim and versatility in the entertainment domain earned Bullet Bhaskar the eminent honour of becoming the first assured contestant of Bigg Boss Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil language version of t >> Read More... Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, a highly popular reality show that attracts millions of viewers every season. His existence on the show promises to be an enthralling and entertaining view for all.