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Jabardasth Comedy Show was a popular Telugu comedy show, prized exceptional among the Telugu shows, on ETV channel. It is a comedy serial, in which Shankar, Raghava, and Sudheer showcase riotous comedy spoofs. The first episode was telecasted on 10 October 2014, including renowned Telugu film industry actor and maker Nagendra Babu along with Telugu movie performer and leader Roja. The idea was mainly a competition between six diverse teams, which later on became among five teams who on a weekly base contested with each other by enacting a comedy skit.

At the end of the show, all groups would be counted out of ten points by judges Nagendra Babu and Roja. The Lastly, a winner will be declared and rewarded with a 10,000 rupee money prize and picture of the week will be chosen based on the skit executed by the champion. It was aired every Friday from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM. Shyam Prasad Reddy, who is famous in Telugu industry, produced the show. Extra Jabardasth was a sequel to the previous one.Mallemala Entertainments, which has a name for producing movies like Arundhati, offered this show.

The team leaders were Chandra, Sudheer, Srinu, Abhi, and Shankar. Nitin and Bharath were the directors of this show. JabardasthKatharnak Comedy Show accomplished to make the name of most famous comedy show among all the Telugu networks in a small time. Previously, Anasuya delivered enough amusement to the audiences as a host, and now Reshmi is trying her bit to make the show more pleasurable.Mouthshut had added this show under Epic TV channel. This is one of the most comical comedy shows in Telugu. Seenu's punches and over action created a huge comedy.