S A Rajkumar Tamil Actor

S. A. Rajkumar is an Indian music director. He belongs to Chennai in Tamil Nadu. He composes music for the South Indian film industry in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam languages. He was born in 1964 to Selva Selva is a South-Indian actor and has mainly done >> Read More... Selva rajan (father) and Kannamma Kannamma is a mega soap opera in the Tamil languag >> Read More... Kannamma l (mother) in Chennai. His ancestors/ family descendants belong to Paettai, Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. His father Selvarajan was a vocalist. He performed in many stage shows organized by famous music directors of the film industry like Deva, A. R. Rahman, Gangai Amaran Gangai Amaran is an Indian singer. He has mainly d >> Read More... Gangai Amaran , Chandra Bose, and Ilayaraja, among others. Rajkumar was an admirer of his father’s musical work and with the passage of time he developed an interest in the art. It was Kannammal, his mother who spotted the buried musical abilities of Rajkumar. She noticed that Rajkumar while sitting idle used to get engrossed in singing. She asked her husband to make Rajkumar join music classes for further refinement as he also has developed an interest in the field. Subsequently, Rajkumar learned Carnatic music (music system related to the southern part of the Indian subcontinent) for three years. He undertook classes of this classical music under the guidance of S V Subbaiah Bhagavathar. Rajkumar also has a younger brother named Arul.

After his three years of training, Rajkumar started performing in many musical shows on stage. Whilst his performance on television shows, he was looking for an opportunity to enter the film industry. He finally made his debut in the movies with ‘ Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Story soon >> Read More... Chinna Poove Mella Pesu ’ in 1987. He was signed by the duo Robert- Rajashekar for this picture. That was the starting point of his career in the field of cinema. He went on to direct the music for various Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada cinema. He has also created Rock 2000, a musical album.

In Tamil cinema, he has composed music for many movies. Some of them are as follows. 'Thangachi' which is an Indian feature film directed by R.Krishnamurthy and stars ' Pallavi Click to look into! >> Read More... Pallavi ', ' Seetha Seetha is a family serial that deals with the life >> Read More... Seetha ', and ' Ramki Ramki is the stage name given to one of the lead a >> Read More... Ramki '. 'Veeran Veluthambi' by Rama Narayanan Rama Narayanan was an Indian Producer and Director >> Read More... Rama Narayanan was released in 1987 and cast was Radha Ravi Radha Ravi is a populous actor cum producer in the >> Read More... Radha Ravi , ' Ambika story coming soon >> Read More... Ambika ' , ' Karthik Karthik is well known for his Romantic look and ac >> Read More... Karthik ', and ' Vijayakanth Born as Vijayaraj, he was known well as Vijayakant >> Read More... Vijayakanth ' . 'Rayilukku Neramachu' by Bharathi Mohan Bharathi Mohan Aka Anbarasu is an actor who belong >> Read More... Bharathi Mohan came in 1988 under the cinematography of P. Ganesapandiyan. 'Paravaigal Palavitham' is a romantic movie of 1988 directed by Robert-Rajasekar and produced by S. K. Rajagopal starred 'Ramki', 'Nirosha'. '' meaning ‘my sister’ by A. Jagannathan was a romantic film in which Rajkumar composed five songs. 'Thangathin Thangam' directed by Siraaj featured six songs composed by Rajkumar. 'Pudhu Pudhu Ragangal' was a story of Kannniga and her mother searching for livelihood by V. Aadhavan. 'Perum Pulli' by ' Vikraman Vikraman is one among the popular directors in Tam >> Read More... Vikraman ' stars ' Babu Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Babu ' and Suman Ranganathan Suman Ranganathan as born on 26th July 1974 in Ban >> Read More... Suman Ranganathan . ' Suryavamsam After the successful run of Mega serials like Chit >> Read More... Suryavamsam ' is a story based in a village about a person named Chinna. 'Aval Varuvala' is a romantic picture of 1998 by Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor was a renowned actor, director, and pro >> Read More... Raj Kapoor . 'Ponmanam' by S. P. Rajkumar featured five songs directed by Rajkumar. He was also the director of the film 'Maru Malarchi' along with ' Bharathi Bharathi is a serial being telecast on Zee Kannada >> Read More... Bharathi '. ' Simmarasi Click to look into! >> Read More... Simmarasi ' by Erode Soundar was shot with the backdrop of caste system. 'Malabar Police' by P. Vasu staged the sequences of a newly married couple witnessing a high profile politician’s murder. 'James Pandu' by 'Selva' was released in 2000 and is a story of two former friends. His recent projects were 'Valluvan Vasuki', 'Kannamma', ' Kannadi Pookal Kannadi Pookal is a Singaporean Tamil-language tel >> Read More... Kannadi Pookal ', and 'Chokkali'.

For the Telugu films, Rajkumar worked with many famous directors. Some of his films are described ahead. 'Pelli' by Kodi Ramakrishna Rama Krishna more familiarly known as Kode Rama Kr >> Read More... Kodi Ramakrishna is a Tollywood romantic motion picture. He also worked in 'Maa Annayya' by Raviraja Pinisetty . 'Kushi Kushiga' is a romantic film by G. Ram Prasad Telugu film director G.Ram Prasad belongs to Guntu >> Read More... Ram Prasad with six songs directed by Rajkumar. 'Sneham Kosam' by K. S. Ravikumar was a story of friendship. ' Gorintaku Gorintaku is a Telugu TV soap Opera drama serial a >> Read More... Gorintaku ' by V. R. Prathap is a love- triangle story drama. ' Vasantham Vasantham serial was aired by Sun Television Netwo >> Read More... Vasantham ' was a Telugu movie about the friendship and love relation of two characters namely Ashok and Julie. Shankar Mahadevan Shankar Mahadevan, a well-renowned, talented and f >> Read More... Shankar Mahadevan also sang a song for this film. Leela Mahal Centre by Devi Prasad Devi Prasad is an Indian Director turned Actor who >> Read More... Devi Prasad depicted an inexperienced kidnapper falling in love with the girl he kidnapped. 'Siva Rama Raju' is a drama about the three brothers Siva, Rama, and Raju and their sister. 'Punnami Naagu' by Rajasekhar was a film of a person being venomous because of the consuming venom since childhood. S. A. Rajkumar latest work was seen in Mouna Raagam by Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... Mani Ratnam , 'Mr. Pellikoduku' by Devi Prasad, 'Rani Ranamma', and 'Jhalak'.

His composition in Kannada cinema includes 'Jyeshta'- a family drama by Suresh Krissna Suresh Krissna is a South Indian movie director; h >> Read More... Suresh Krissna ,' Gowri Kalyana'- screenwriting of B. S. Dwarakish, ' Chandra Chakori Chandra Chakori is a Kannada serial which has a mo >> Read More... Chandra Chakori '- a romantic feature film about Puttaraju and Sevanthi, ' Kanchana Ganga Kanchanaganga is a Telugu daily serial which was b >> Read More... Kanchana Ganga '- a movie regarding murder of a girl following infidelity by director Rajendra Singh Babu S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu is an acclaimed screenwr >> Read More... Rajendra Singh Babu , and 'Sevanthi Sevanthi' by S. Narayan. Rajkumar’s other projects comprised of the movies such as 'Sirivantha' by S. Narayan about a journalist and his ethical values, 'Thandege Thakka Maga'- an action drama by S. Mahendar, 'Thayiya Madilu' by S. Narayan- about a son looking for his mother, 'Preethigagi' by S. Mahendar- a remake of 1997 ' Aniyathipraavu Story soon >> Read More... Aniyathipraavu ' Malayalam film, and 'Gokula Krishna' directed by B. M. Jayakannan- a love story. He has also composed music for 'Vesham' and ' Villaliveeran Click to look into! >> Read More... Villaliveeran ' Malayalam movies. He has also collaborated with Tamil Television industry for ' Kodi Mullai Kodi Mullai is a mega series aired by Raj Televisi >> Read More... Kodi Mullai ' in 2010.

He is married to Meera and the couple is blessed with a daughter Thamizh. Rajkumar has received Filmfare Award for Best Music Director twice. Once for the Telugu film 'Pelli' in 1997 and the second time for the Telugu movie 'Raja' in 1999. He was also honoured with Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Music Director for his composition in the picture 'Suryavamsam' in the year 1997.