Pallavi Telugu Actress

Pallavi is a famous Telugu actress on television. Her mother tongue is Telugu. Her native place is Avanigadda, Vijayavada. She comes from a middle class family. She has no brothers and sisters. When she was in her third standard of education, her father went to Bangalore because of his business purposes and then she and her mother went to Hyderabad. During her schooling time, she wanted to become a software engineer. Till 10th standard, she was busy with her school and tuitions. While studying in her 10th class, Pallavi’s father’s friend took her to the ETV auditions.

She was selected in the auditions. She did not have any prior thoughts on acting and she did not have any idea about acting and about TV industry. She got her first break in Rangula Kala premier show. In that show, she proved herself worthy as an actress. She got a chance to act in serials. Later she asked her father and he said that he didn't oppose her decision,however, he asked her not to ignore her studies. Pallavi likes villain characters because audience can easily remember her with those type of characters. She got an opportunity in serial on ETV which aired at 8:30 pm. She got fame through both Aadade Adharam and Bharyamani serials. Her character name was Alekya in Bharyamani serial. She dubbed for herself for her roles. In Bharayamani serial, her character used to change from a rich woman to a middle class woman and then a poor woman. She got the small screen's Best actress Nandi award for Bharyamani serial. She thinks that Alekya's role has three variations, that’s the reason she got Nandi award. Pallavi balanced both studies and serials.

She took CEC on Intermediate. She never neglected her studies. She got many offers from other Telugu channels but she feels that ETV is just safe like a home. In Aadade Aadharam serial, she is playing a double role and it is aired at 2:30 pm. Her acting is very nice in this serial too. In this serial her character’s name is Amrutha. Sameera is her best friend in TV field. She follows all her serials. Her favourite serial is Chandramukhi on ETV. One day, in Aadade Aadharam serial, she had changed her hair style. She got so many letters from the audience, saying not to change her hairstyle. She said this is one example how much the audience likes her serials. When Pallavi came into this field, some of them had got Nandi awards and at that time she did not know why they were getting Nandi awards. Everybody used to discuss about the Nandi awards prestigiously. She felt that she too should get that award and later she did get that award for her first serial itself.She confessed that getting a Nandi award is one thing which she cannot forget.

Pallavi’s father and mother felt very proud of her because she got recognition for her first serial. After Nandi award, Avanigadda's people arranged a meeting. She participated in the meeing and almost 2000 students had come to see her. She was surprised and she also understood that even students also watch her serials. Pallavi has 6 to 7 years of experience in acting. Aadade Aadharam serial is running since 6 to 7 years and it has completed above 1500 episodes. Bharyamani is running for 5 to 6 years. Pallavi completed her schooling from Kendriya Vidhyalaya at Uppal, Hyderabad. Now she is staying at ECIL, Hyderabad. She is the biggest fan of actor Suriya. When she gets free time, she watches Suriya’s movies, downloads his songs and photographs, reads his interviews etc. Pallavi has a good grasping power. She has many fans for her acting. She is a lucky girl in acting field, because a lot of experienced artists are looking for a chance but she did not have any experience yet she got a chance. Serials: Bharyamani, Aadade Aadharam. Shows: Ali 369, Star mahila, cash, etc.