Sandhya Raju is a Kuchipudi dancer and an Indian film actress. She made her debut in the acting line with the thriller movie titled “Careful.” She is an excellent dancer and has been learning dance since her childhood. Sandhya loves dancing.

She is married to Rama Raju. Sandhya Raju knows about movies, but she wasn’t a regular moviegoer. She has worked in short films with famous directors like Tharun Bhascker, Revanth Korukonda Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Revanth Korukonda , and Jay. She got discovered by the director V.K. Prakash from her short film named Natyam, which released on International Dance Day.

This short film narrates the story of a housewife who wants to follow her dreams and passion, and that is, dancing. Sandhya got the opportunity to do a Malayalam film named Careful. Sandhya said that today actors do multiple movies in south Indian film industry, so she is not at all surprised that she got an opportunity in a Malayalam film.

The movie, Careful is a thriller movie in which Sandhya portrayed the role of a journalist named Rachna Nambiar. The story is about a road accident, and Rachna thinks of something suspicious, so she digs deeper to reveal the mystery behind the road accident. Sandhya shared her experience of the set and told that there are so many experienced people on the set, that there was always discipline and efficiency in the work. Sandhya wasn’t a trained actor so it was little difficult for her and quite challenging.

Sandhya is accustomed to many languages like Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, and Malayalam. Sandhya is fond of dancing. She runs her academy named Nishrinkala Dance Academy. Sandhya told that she had met so many dancers who gave up dancing, just because they got married or they were forced by their family to enter the field of engineering or medicine.

She said that she couldn’t even imagine her life without dancing. Dancing is her passion and an integral part of her. She can't spend her rest of the life without dance. She is a trained Kuchipudi dancer and has amazing dancing skills. Sandhya is also a certified scuba driver.

Sandhya belongs to a rich family, so she often used to hear taunts from her colleagues that she bought that performance. Her colleagues used to think that she is in this position because of her family background, but Sandhya used to get irritated because of this and felt bad. She has achieved so much because of her hard work and sincerity.