Rajendra Singh Babu Kannada Actor

S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu is an acclaimed screenwriter, director, and producer in Kannada language. He is a veteran filmmaker and has scripted and directed many blockbuster movies that have the social impact in our society. Besides Kannada, he also has directed a few Hindi and Telugu movies but his basic love was directing Kannada movies. He also had a basic love for adaptation of books into cinema. He also had written some social issue-based films like ‘Bandhana’, ’Antha’, ‘Meri Aawaz Suno’ etc.

In the year 1997, his film 'Mungarina Minchu' won the President medal. His pronounced literary leanings have prompted him to frequently adapt the works of good novels or even best American or Italian movies like 'A Walk in the Clouds' or 'Four Steps in the Clouds' which inspired him to direct his classic film 'Mungarina Minchu’ for his cinematic satisfaction. The filmmaker also adapted screenplays for his film ‘Bandhana’ which was based on a novel of Usha Navaratnanram of the same name and has Suhasini and Vishnuvardhan in terrific roles. The film won the 'Best Feature Film' in Kannada and is considered a milestone in Kannada cinema.

This film had run for 25 weeks in several theaters. He has also told two beautiful Bollywood tales to Kannada film viewers thereby rediscovering twice two Hindi movies like ‘ Karz Click to look into! >> Read More... Karz ’ (“Yuga Purusha”) and presented an another Hindi remake adaptation ‘ Benaam Benaam is a Pakistani family television series air >> Read More... Benaam ’ (“Thirugu Baana”). Later he was inspired by a Hollywood film and even re-made an American film Mackenna's Gold ("Gandu Bherunda"). This film failed at the box office but had the high technical background. It was the first film in Kannada to be shot underwater. The director was inspired into filmmaking after watching many Hollywood movies such as “Great Escape”, “Guns of Navarone” etc. He made his directorial debut with 'Naga Kanye' in the year 1975 and his last movie was ' Rebel Click to look into! >> Read More... Rebel ' in the year 2015.