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Sharmila Thapa is an Indian actress, VJ as well as an anchor, who is predominantly working in Tamil film along with television industry . She was born in Narayanghat, Nepal. She has acted in over four films as a supporting actress , two serials and shows. She completed her graduation in Human Resources . After her graduation, she gave an audition to become an anchor on a show for a famed news channel, although she was abnegated. Unsatisfied , she waved the white flag and continued to work as a graduate in Tourism and Travel Management as well as a visa assistance executive Via Anna Adarsh College for Women in Anna Nagar. Engrossingly, Sharmila Thapa's chance for advancement came, when she visited a therapy center for her weight loss in Vadapalani.

There she befriended Aditya TV VJ Archana who guided her toward an audition for the comedy channel. At last, she ended up at their studio exclusively for the audition by 2012. She executed few comical plays as well as dance steps . After a few months, for the first time on April 14, 2013 show went on air where she got a call to befit a Video Jockey. Sharmila Thapa, a young anchor made her debut in an entertaining industry in a morning show called " Vaanga Sirikalam Vaanga Sirikalam is morning show that is telecaste >> Read More... Vaanga Sirikalam " by hosting it on Adithya Channel. While the anchors are expected to look for a gift of the bag, Sharmila Thapa was the last one to host this kind of a show as Sharmila took birth and was brought up in Nepal and unaware of even a single word of Tamil language, when five years ago she moved to Chennai to complete her under graduation.

But appreciatively to her efforts that she put in to master the Tamil language, she has arrived as one of the most popular or well known Tamil anchors. The city was not generous to her in the beginning, Sharmila Thapa used to shed tears nearly every day, As she was unaware of Tamil language and she found it very cumbersome to get along with her colleagues. Sharmila was also frightened that she would be ragged and she even pondered she wouldn’t be able to withstand with the entire accent that she faced. But Sharmila was ascertained to make this city dwell for her and was supported by her mates. She began to comprehend Tamil and ended up speaking as confidently as a native speaker. Although Sharmila Thapa moved to Chennai to complete her graduation in Human Resources and confiscate a corporate job, her future seemed to have had something else for her life.

The diffident, timorous girl, who stammered to talk to strangers and who had never faced a stage in her entire life, was found slang away in Tamil at an event. One of the friends of Sharmila’s spotted her talent . Sharmila Thapa was asked to tell a joke and she was not at all prepared for it. Then she was spun like a karak-attam which is a water pot dance. Fortunately, she carried herself well and was selected. Sharmila Thapa got an opportunity to act in the Tamil television serial "" alongst with Deepak Dinkar Deepak Dinkar is a popular image in the Tamil Tele >> Read More... Deepak Dinkar , whose director and producer were S.Kumaran and Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd. Thapa also got a chance to act with famous actors like Soori, Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar is a prominent Tamil film actor, model >> Read More... Ajith Kumar , Robo Shankar Robo Shankar is an upcoming comedian artiste in th >> Read More... Robo Shankar , Prabhu and Rajendran too. Sharmila Thapa has got an opportunity to appear in some famed films such as Tea Kadai Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... Tea Kadai Raja , Vedalam Click to look into! >> Read More... Vedalam as well as Kappa.

Her performances in many films were praised or glorified, particularly in "Vedalam", which was the Best film of the year 2015. Sharmila Thapa also worked with some of the well-known names of that duration like Thapa in " Sakalakala Vallavan Click to look into! >> Read More... Sakalakala Vallavan " alongst with , Trisha, Anjali as well as Vivek too. Thapa is currently Anchoring in Adithya TV. Her dance moves and humor have won her entirely fans among all television audiences. But what makes her different from other video jockey is her astonishing fluency in the Tamil language. People of Tamil often stop her on the road and ask if Sharmila Thapa's voice was dubbed or whether she can speak the Tamil language. She has been avoiding bus travel to escape from such questions .

Sharmila Thapa is well-known on screen, who has been making people entertain as a VJ as well as a dance artist along with Tamil humor channel Adithya TV . A native of Nepal, Sharmila Thapa who moved to the city of Tamils without even knowing a single word of the Tamil language, has achieved an almost celebrity-like status among all Chennaiites, either young or old. Sharmila Thapa’s Television performances, as well as a celebrity-like fame have had some anticipated repercussion and she dreams of furbishing on the big screen as her icon Kovai Sarala Kovai Sarala is an actress who acted in more than >> Read More... Kovai Sarala .