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Venkat Kuchipudi Telugu Actor

Venkat Kuchipudi

Venkat Kuchipudi is a movie producer as well as a director. He was born on November 8 in the year 1970. His work predominantly belongs to the Telugu film industry. He is an anarchist who believes in the creative freedom of individuals. His first ever movie to hit the theatres was Modati Cinema. He was born in a village by the name Raghudevpuram near Rajahmundry. He went to school in LPS, Guntur. He completed his class 11 and 12 from Chennai. Immediately after his school, Venkat wished to take admission in a film school, but his parents were bent upon him getting a degree from Hyderabad before taking a plunge into the film industry, so he had something to fall back upon in case filmmaking career didn't go on well. So he studied and earned his degree in the year 1990. From the very beginning, Venkat wanted to direct films. He required financial support for the same which he didn't have at that time. To earn money he worked in different fields. He was so passionate about directing a movie that he was ready to produce as well as direct a film for himself. Over the years Venkat gained experience and became a director. He viewed multiple movies and developed his skills by observing the direction of other films. Venkat never worked as an assistant to an established director. He learned everything on the job while making his movies. He gained a lot out of his method of watching legendary works repeatedly. He believed in concentrating on a different aspect of filmmaking every time he watched the film. First, he viewed it as an audience, then he would mute the sound and focus on the way scene was conceptualized and shot. Venkat’s first movie Modati Cinema. It was a love story revolving combined with a lot of entertainment. It received critical appreciation but was not taken very well by the masses. His twist in the love story is that fate plays a huge role in how the plot unfolds. His other movie John Appa went on to earn more than 40crores at the box office. His idols include K. V. Reddy, Ram Gopal Varma, Bapu, Sekhar Kammula and Nagesh Kukunoor and many others. The thing about all these directors is that they learned the job without any prior experience under other directors. He firmly believes in his opinion that if you are passionate for a field, you will find a way to excel at it.