The Most Loved Combinations Of Kollywood

The Most Loved Combinations Of Kollywood Tamil Article

Right from the days of Sivaji Ganesan The Honorable Mr. Ganesan was the second son in hi >> Read More... Sivaji Ganesan and MGR Kollywood has witnessed certain combinations that were loved by the audience. Well, here is a list of such combinations that were embraced in the past four decades.

Sathyaraj -  Manivannan

Sathyaraj is known for his witty style of acting, and his combination with the versatile Manivannan has worked wonders at the box office. Sathyaraj had worked under the direction of Manivannan in over 25 films. The camaraderie that this duo shared in real life is something to reckon with. And when it comes to films they are the ones who capitalized on witty elements in all of their films. And yes, their combination was loved by the audience. 


Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan - Sridevi

Kamal Haasan and Sridevi will always remain the evergreen pair of Tamil cinema. They have acted in more than 25 films together (including languages other than Tamil) and shared a tremendous chemistry.

Suriya - Jyothika


This sweet real life couple had worked in over six films together, and it was a pleasure to watch them on screen. Whether their films are a hit or miss, they have a special place in the hearts of Tamil fans. 

Vijay - Simran


Nobody can deny that Vijay and Simran made a wonderful pair in the film Priyamaanavale. Thullatha Manamum Thullum was also a milestone in their careers. They had worked together as a lead pair in 4 films. 

Vikraman - S A Rajkumar

Vikraman is known for his family-oriented feel-good films while S A Rajkumar is reputed for his melodies. And when sentiments and melody combine it is indeed a solace to one’s ears. Most of the films that had their combination were commercially successful. 


Kamal Haasan - K Balachander

With a commendable 35 films in their collaboration legendary director K Balachander and Kamal Haasan have given films that were embraced by the audience with open arms. At one point there was also criticism that Kamal Haasan was at his best only in Balachander’s films. Though Balachander gave way to new directors and stepped down from his throne of directing feature films Kamal Haasan went on to work in quality films thereby living up to his mentor’s name.


Maniratnam -  A R Rahman

Roja was the debut film of A R Rehman and what a record it created! The music was a huge hit and from then Maniratnam, as a director, collaborated with A R Rehman in all his films. It is surprising that he ddin't change the music director since Roja. 


Shankar - Rajinikanth

Is it prolific nature that makes a wonderful combo or something beyond that? Well, director Shankar and Rajinikanth have worked together in only two movies viz; Sivaji and Endhiran but the appeal that they have as a director and actor is something commendable. And now Shankar is directing Endhiran’s sequel with the superstar.  


Sundar C - Hansika

Sundar C has directed Hansika in four films, and all of them were commercial successes. 

- Jayam Raja

Thes real life brothers made their debut with the film Jayam and since then their collaboration as director and actor was mostly successful. 

Rajinikanth - K S Ravikumar

K S Ravikumar is one director who knows the pulse of the audience and with Rajinikanth being the pulse itself what more can one expect? The audience embraced their two films Muthu and Padayappa. 

Well, is there any other magical pair of Kollywood?