Javed Riaz also was known as Javed is a music composer from India working mainly in Tamil Movie industry. He kickstarted his music career with the flick Maanagaram which hit the screens in March 2017. The music was appreciated by critics. He has also Aviyal which was released in the year 2016. He has also made many short films. He was born in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu in India. He mainly works in the genre of world music and film score. Along with being a music composer, he is also a music director. He can play Keyboard, Guitar, etc.

He came into Tamil Film industry in the year 2017, and is currently working. His inspiration is A.R. Rahman. He has been following A.R. Rahman from a very young age. Ilayaraja, M.S. Viswanathan are also his inspiration. One day, he got a call to give his music to a Malayalam film named “Kadalaasu Puli” because of his earlier work in short films and music scores. In his initial days, Javed Riaz has worked as a freelance Music Composer, and now also, he is working as a freelancer. From Crescent Engineering College situated in Chennai, India,

Javed has completed his degree in B.E. Computer Science. He was a member of a Band named “Paradigm Shift” in his college days. According to him, this band gave him a platform to experiment his knowledge of music. His parents were supportive and supported him in his decision of becoming a music composer. Especially, his father was very supportive. Also, his brother was there with him all the time, and it could not have been possible without him.

In an interview, Javed said that he could never repay the debt to his parents, and he is always thankful to his brother and parents for whatever they have given to him. Javed Riaz is very confident of marking his presence in the industry through his music. He always aspires to be a good music composer. He is a very good music composer and takes everything in life as happy go lucky manner. He is not interested in acting or directing, and wants to compose music only as music is his passion. He is an optimistic person and takes all the difficulties in life sportingly. According to Riaz, it is important for everyone to follow their dreams, and so his parents let him do.