Telugu film director G.Ram Prasad belongs to Guntur area of Andhra Pradesh, India. He left for Madras to become a movie director in 1988. From the beginning, he is very dedicated and hard working guy. He went on searching for opportunities which make him a director. He came to know that no one can become a movie director at once. So, he joined as the assistant to B.Gopal. B.Gopal was working on the film Aswardhama then. B.Gopal was mesmerized by Ram Prasad's dedication to the work. For his sincerity towards filmy works, both of them worked till Gopal completed Samara Simha Reddy. It happens only when the director and the assistant work with the same mindset. From assistant, Ram Prasad grew to the position of co-director by the time Samara Simha Reddy hit the screens.

In 2000, Ram Prasad made his debut direction for the movie Chiru Navvutho starring Venu Thottempudi, Shahin, Bramhanandam, etc. Music by Mami Sharma and dialogues by Trivikram Srinivas entertained the audience to the maximum extent. This movie is a commercial triumph then. It collected a share of five crores. This film was sometimes associated with the Italian Film Life Is Beautiful. As it is a hit in Tollywood, it was remade into the Tamil movie Youth. Ram Prasad is a director who worked with famous actors in a very short time.

In his next direction Seema Simham, he starred Bala Krishna, Simran, and Reema Sen, etc. This movie paved a zenith way for his upcoming films. He directed some blockbusters like Kushi Kushiga, Naa Stylee Veru, Kalyana Ramudu, etc. Raja Shekar and Bhoomika Chawla appeared in Naa Stylee Veru, which is also a commercial hit for Ram Prasad. All his films were very well acclaimed, and some movies like Vinavayya Ramayya in 2015 were critically reviewed by the critics as well as the audience. Vinavayya Ramayya is also his youthful entertainer when compared to all of the other films.

Chandra Mahesh

Chandra Mahesh was born in Shankavaram Village in Andhra Pradesh. Born to a government official Ravinder Rao and a teacher Triveni Rao, as a child Mahesh has always dreamt of being a director. His urge to direct films made him end his education after the Intermediate and work on his passion. He married in the year 1988 at a tender age of 20. He had two children and honoured to have such a supportive wife, who has assisted him through thick and thin in life. Chandra Mahesh was deeply inspired by various films like Bobbili Puli, Kondaveeti Simham and many more. These films had intrigued him to work as a director with Suresh Productions. Although his request to work with this production house was turned down several times due to lack of qualification, his talent made him work with big names like Dr. Ramanaidu. Mahesh’s work Preyasi Raave was received very well by the audiences and it provided a debut ground for Srikanth and Rasi. Thus, he got recognition as a celebrated name in South Indian cine field. He was awarded Nandi award in the year 2006 for the film Hanumanthu, which had Sri Hari, Madhu Sharma and other famous artists in the lead cast. He made a large number of renowned movies like Ayadhya Ramayya in 2000, and Okkade in the year 2005. He is the only director who has been able to direct a film in 4 different Indian languages arranging four new sets of casts for each dialect. This thriller film named Red Alert was being shot in Teleuu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam, and was released in the year 2015. Recently, Mahesh had made his first venture  as a producer besides being a director.  

Chandra Mahesh Telugu Actor