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Sadhana Tamil TV-Actress
Born: 14 April 1963

Age Now 61

Sadhana - (TV-Actress)

Shrikar Tamil TV-Actor
Born: 14 April 1984

Age Now 40

Shrikar - (TV-Actor)

M R Radha Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 14 April 1907

Lived For 71 Years

M R Radha - (Movie Actor)

C.V. Kumar Tamil Producer
Born: 14 April 1979

Age Now 45

C.V. Kumar - (Producer)

Sugan Kartthi Tamil Director
Born: 14 April 1965

Age Now 59

Sugan Kartthi - (Director)

Bhaskaran K M Tamil Cinematographer
Born: 14 April 1982

Age Now 42

Bhaskaran K M - (Cinematographer)

Anita Reddy Tamil Movie Actress
Born: 14 April 1980

Age Now 44

Anita Reddy - (Movie Actress)

Benze Preinkline Tamil TV-Actress
Born: 14 April 1991

Age Now 33

Benze Preinkline - (TV-Actress)


Strong Music And Sound Effects Are Common Factors Among The Best Tamil Movies

Tamil Music Directors

Strong Music And Sound Effects Are Common Factors Among The Best Tamil Movies. Tamil Movies Are Action-Packed And Without The Right Sound Effects, It Can Make A Movie Bland. Music Of A Movie Is Considered As The Best Way To Connect To An Audience. It Is The Duty Of A Music Director To Make This Connection Between The Audience And The Movie.

Like Film Directors, That Are Responsible For The Direction Of The Film And Making Various Creative Decisions, From The Cast Of The Film To How The Scenes Turn Out After Takes, Music Directors Are Responsible For The Music Of The Film.

Combining And Controlling Various Aspects Of The Process Of Music Making To Produce An Appropriate Song That Has A Mass Appeal, Is The Responsibility Of A Music Director. Songs Of A Movie Can Highly Influence The Audience And Is Often An Important Basis On Which The Audience Judges A Film Before Its Release And Forming An Opinion About It. The Songs Of A Film Create An Impact On The Audience And Help Them To Form An Impression About The Movie.