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Sathyaraj Tamil Actor
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Sathyaraj is one of the greatest actors of Tamil film industry. He has good comic sense, good height, and good performance, and is still active in the industry. 

Rangaraj is the real name of Sathyaraj. Born on October 3, 1954 Sathyaraj forayed into the Tamil film industry as a villain. He depicted the suave villain perfectly and he was accepted by the audience. His dialogue Thagudu Thagudu from the film Kaaki Chattai is still famous now. In fact, it is no exaggeration to tell that he gave a complete transformation to the notion we have about villain. His oratory adeptness in villainous roles is indeed exemplary. 

Sathyaraj has worked in around 200 flicks. He also worked in Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films. 

While Sathyaraj was studying 5th standard he happened to watch MGR’s Vettaikaran and instantly became his ardent fan. He was a good student initially, but with the growing fervor towards films his interest in studies seemed to decrease. However, in 10th standard he got good marks in Geography and History. He eventually graduated in Botany. Sathyaraj gained the friendship of director cum actor Manivannan while he was studying 12th. 

His family faced hardships initially and later Sathyaraj expressed his interest in acting to his family, but was faced with strong opposition. He even had acquaintance with actor Sivakumar at that juncture. Sathyaraj was very firm in his decision of acting and it was Sivakumar, who made him join Komal Swamynathan’s drama group, though opposing his acting interest initially. 

The debut venture of Sathyaraj is Kodugal Illaatha Kolangal. After being acquainted with T N Balu, Sathyaraj acted in Sattam En Kaiyil. This film had Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan in the lead. The pairing of Sathyaraj and Manivanan (Manivannan as the director) proved to be a great hit.

Kaaki Sattai Click to look into! >> Read More... Kaaki Sattai , Kadamai Kanniyam Kattupaadu, Vedham Pudhidu, En Bommukutty Ammavukku, Walter Vetrivel, Nanban, Annanagar Mudhal Theru, Jallikattu, Raja Rani Click to look into! >> Read More... Raja Rani are some of the films in which Sathyaraj gave exemplary performances. He played the villain and lead roles with equal panache.

Sathyaraj is an ardent follower of Periyar. He has few commendable recognitions to his credit. Actor Sibiraj is the son of Sathyaraj.