Ashwin Shekhar is an actor in Indian films and acts in Tamil movies. He has a very strong film background with his father being a veteran theater personality and comedian whose name is S.Ve Shekhar. S. Ve Shekhar is also an MLA of Mylapore. He also has a sister named Anaratha among his family members. Ashwin was seen for the first time in a movie that saw its release on 28th of September 2007 and its name was Vegam.

The director of the movie was K.R Udhayashankar and it was essentially an action packed movie. He was paired opposite Archana who is also known popularly as Veda of the Nenu fame. He was also seen in a very famous movie named Ninaivil Nindrawal which was a flick directed by Agasthiya Bharathi. Ashwin was put in a role whose name was Ramana and was opposite Keerthi Chawla Keerthi Chawla, aged 32, is a Telugu film industry >> Read More... who has done movies like Adi, Alwavek etc and Gayatri Venkatagiri. This movie saw its release on the 31st day of January in the year 2014.

Ashwin Shekhar, after pursuing his career in acting, got engaged to a girl named Shruti Venkataraman who is the daughter a Congress member named Madangi Venkataraman. His engagement was a huge affair among the stars and media of Tamil movies. A lot of security was invested outside the Convention Center in Chennai, where the ceremony took place, to make the whole event a smooth one. This much talked about engagement led to consummation when both of them got married on the 24th day of August in the year 2011. Ashwin and his father welcomed the guests with warm smiles and this marriage became a grand event more so because it involved a some of the famous names from the political field as well as from the respectable Tamil film industry.
Actor Ashwin Kumar Tamil Actor

Actor Ashwin Kumar

Ashwin Kumar is a young boy who belongs to a non-filmy family. He did his education from a college in Coimbatore, a place where he got his MBA degree from. He doesn’t have anyone from the film industry due to which he had to face a lot of rejections and struggle before he stumbled into a small role in a romantic film O Kadhal Kanmani, which was in Tamil.Directed by Mani Ratnam, this film was released on 17th of April 2015 in which he played a very insignificant role of Dulquer’s friend. He has no one that can guide him into a correct direction which is why he was clueless about his next step in his career. It was only after days of struggle that he got the main lead in a serial that is aired on the channel Star Vijay named Rettai Vaal Kuruvi in which he plays the role of Bala. He is paired opposite Pavani Reddy and the director of this TV serial is Jerold. It first aired on 1st of June 2015.According to Ashwin, this serial isn’t anywhere close to a usual love story that we see almost everywhere. He plays the role of a divorcee in the show who is left dumbstruck when his newly appointed boss turns out to be his ex-wife. Ashwin claims that he gained a lot of experience and confidence after he started doing the serial. He shall miss the show because it gave him a bundle of unforgettable memories which is soon reaching its end says the actor. The biggest addiction that is hard for him to overcome is the addiction of his PlayStation. He confesses his adoration for Shah Rukh Khan, Madhavan and Deepika Padukone who are his favorite actors and an all-time sport that he loves is football.


Babu Ganesh

Babu is a multi-faceted personality who mostly works in South Indian film industry. He is a student of University of Madras and had also attended the AM Jain College in Tamil Nadu. He debuted in a movie named Kadai Pura which was released in the year 1993 which he didn’t just act in but also directed.     After acting and directing several movies, he tried launching a great number of movies, and they faced a lot of issues and were more often than not canceled. Among these arrays of Industry Film was Bharathi, which was launched by Babu. This movie was supposedly a big budget film in Tamil language and it starred Kushboo. The pair in the movie had also visited Mother Teresa in order to take her blessing before the release of the film, commencing it with best of wishes and luck. It, however, could never make it to the silver screen. The reason behind him being called a highly talented, multi-faceted personality is his ability to work in almost all the fields that the film industry has to offer.   He has taken up responsibilities of working in fields that relate to screenplay, editing, story and writing dialogues for the movie. Along with these, he is also known to be a famous director, actor as well as a music composer, lyricist and has given his voice for various songs in a number of movie. Apart from being highly talented in all these fields, he has also proved his mettle in dancing as he has choreographed several songs of his movie and also choreographing stunts in action sequences too. When this wasn’t enough, we also know him to have tried his hands in the department that handles special effects and photography. Babu is currently shooting for his horror movie that stars him along with Shakeela and Tejashree named Ninnu Odala.

Babu Ganesh Tamil Actor