Cliché That Bollywood Should Stop

Cliché That Bollywood Should Stop Hindi Article

Well, we love Bollywood movies as they take us to an imaginative world which we all like but now we all should accept the reality that the world has so many non-acceptable concepts that make our mind confused. The movies usually walk on the right path but suddenly deviates and lose the concept. This practice needs to stop, and they need to make movies which are more realistic, and the audience could connect to them.

1. The death bed last words

This is so much clichéd scene where the loved one is on his/her death bed, and asks their loved ones to fulfill his/her wish. This is as unrealistic as on the death bed one cannot think but cry of losing his/her life. We have almost lost the count of times when this scene is used to take the plot further towards its end.


2. Girl is losing her ambitions after meeting her love

Well, this concept has never entered my mind. The Bollywood film makers need to stop implementing this concept of heroine losing her ambitions after she hooks up with her hero. The female cannot be all about hero’s life after meeting the love of her life. This makes girls realize that love is a scam, and it’s better to stay focused.


3. The hero finds the purpose of his life after meeting his love

This is completely different from the female protagonist. This signifies that a man’s goal is important than a girl’s ambition. The hero does not care about his future, is all about having fun, and suddenly on meeting his better half; he does all the hard work he can. Why????

4. Bad guys are soft in the end

These scenes are so weird, the bad guy wants the hero since the beginning of the movie yet, in the end , after breaking so many bones of his, and hero’s men, he realize to show his soft corner. Why so? Why being bad in the first place, and if chose to be so, why flip?


5. The police are always late

This clichéd theory of police reaching the crime scene after the crime has may be inspired our police to cause delay. This trend of the Bollywood police has been continued for years now, and we are quite habitual to them. The movies are the reason for us to not trust the police.


6. Girl and guy cannot ever in life time be best friends

We should by now be grateful to Bollywood for ruining friendships. This cliché dialog of Bollywood movies is probably the most prominent reason for awkwardness between guys, and girls. People by now have accepted this dialog, and cannot accept that a guy, and girl are just friends. This line has also given rise to the death trap called “friend zone.”


7. The player falls and becomes the epitome of love

Ok, again thanks Bollywood for giving girls false hopes in real life. There is a difference in reel and real life this doesn’t mean that there is a possibility of a complete personality transplant. In real life, a player remains a player and girl hopelessly wants them to change into a loving monument just like their favorite Bollywood actor.


8. Stalking is promoted and converts into love

The concept of love in movies start mostly by the hero stalking the girl and making her uncomfortable to a great extent and suddenly the girl sees one good thing in the guy and falls for him. This is a stupid concept and now a days promotes guys to stalk girls and do shady works which leads to some heinous crimes.


9. Medical conditions are the pillars of the plots

Why it is always that there has to be a person dying of some medical problem and then he asks for a favor and then the movie goes on with the help of that favor. This is quite unrealistic.

10. There always has to be a fight

The Bollywood has to create a fight scene where the vegetable vendor is always at a loss. The fight will be there to prove the masculinity of the hero,  and he has to fight a huge number of goons which in real life is not realistic.