Top 10 Characters Created By Rajamouli In Tollywood

Top 10 Characters Created By Rajamouli In Tollywood Telugu Article

1. Sivagami

Sivagami is one of the fiercest and prestigious roles created by Rajamouli through the film Baahubali. Ramya Krishnan Ramya Krishnan is a South Indian movie and TV actr >> Read More... Ramya Krishnan proved herself in many films in many roles, but she had reached the cliff of Indian Film Industry as Rajamatha Sivagami in the movie Baahubali. She rejuvenated the character beyond thoughts and expectations of Rajamouli with her action and expressions. She equipped great response for her contribution in the picture from the viewers of Tollywood.


2. Katappa

The character Katappa has been played by Satyaraja in the movie Baahubali directed by Rajamouli. Rajamouli presented the character to the audience in a keen manner in every aspect, including the costumes which exhibit the slavery of Katappa in the kingdom Mahishmathi in the picture. Satyaraj strived and had sacrificed a lot to perform in this character.


3. Kalakeya

Rajamouli had kept forward a different outfit namely Kalakeya using Prabhakar onscreen with a typical accent and language namely Kilikili in the film Baahubali. Prabhakar had kept his efforts and learned the language to make the role fulfilled with his action and personality. Rajamouli had created a great platform for Prabhakar through Baahubali to prove himself onscreen.


4. Raj Bihari

Chatrapathi was one of the blockbuster films under the direction of Rajamouli. Raj Bihari was one of the violent characters created by Rajamouli with Pradeep Rawat Pradeep Rawat, is known for his villainous roles >> Read More... Pradeep Rawat in the sense of both appearance and thoughts in the film Chatrapathi. The character had acquired positive feedback from the viewers of Tollywood.


5. Titla


Titla was a power-packed negative role introduced by Rajamouli through the picture Vikramarkudu. Ajay had played the role of Titla in the film. Titla was local goon leader, who was the brother of a gangster in the film. Ajay has mesmerized the viewers with his appearance and action in the movie.


6. Yamadharma Raju

Yamadharma Raju was a mythological character created by Rajamouli with Action King Mohan Babu He is an actor, a producer, educationalist, former >> Read More... Mohan Babu through the film Yamadonga. Usually, Mohan Babu enriched the role with his exceptional dialogue delivery and action in the movie. Yamadonga was one of the smashes hits of Tollywood. Mohan Babu had received many awards for his action in the role of Yama.


7. Bhairava

Rajamouli had first time rewritten the history of Tollywood through the film Magadheera before Baahubali. The character Bhairava as a warrior in the film was a master piece. The role of Bhairava has been played by Ram Charan Ram Charan is a famous Tollywood actor and an entr >> Read More... Ram Charan in the picture. The film has acquired many awards and achievements in many categories.

8. Sharekhan

Sharekhan was one of the renowned characters played by Srihari through the film Magadheera under the direction of Rajamouli. Srihari had given life to the character in the film with his action and dialogue delivery. Srihari got a great appreciation for his action in the role.

9. Singamalai

Singamalai was one of the power packed character presented by Rajamouli through the movie Simhadri. N. T. R played the lead role in the movie as Simhadri, who becomes Singamalai in Kerala for killing local gangsters in the city. The weapon designed for the film was a master piece of the film.

10. Bikshu Yadav

Bikshu Yadav was one of the popular characters presented by Rajamouli at the starting of the career through the film Sye. Pradeep Rawat appeared in a fierce look as Bikshu Yadav in the film. The film had created a great platform too for many character artists to prove themselves. Pradeep Rawat got many opportunities in Tollywood for his action in this film.