Top 10 South Indian Movies With LGBTQ+ Representation

Top 10 South Indian Movies With LGBTQ+ Representation  Tamil Article

Indian views on the LGBTQIA+ community have always been shrouded by their conservatism or stereotypes. Indian cinema, for the large part, has remained shut to the very idea of anything but heterosexuality. Still, there has been a gradual movement, expanding its attempt to explore sexuality safely and respectfully. While not the case for all of the below, here’s a list of 10 south Indian movies with the LGBTQ+ community. 

1. Moothon

Moothon is a 2019 drama directed and co-written by Geetu Mohandas Geetu Mohandas is an Indian Filmmaker cum Actress >> Read More... Geetu Mohandas . The movie is bilingual, with dialogues in Malayalam and Hindi. Starring Nivin Pauly, Shashank Arora Shashank arora deservingly famed personality was b >> Read More... Shashank Arora , Sanjana Dipu Malayalam actor Sanjana Dipu is the one who has wo >> Read More... Sanjana Dipu , and Roshan Mathew Roshan Mathew is a young Indian actor who made his >> Read More... Roshan Mathew , among others, the movie was critically acclaimed and won a few international awards as well. The movie explores the topics of gender and sexual identities by portraying a gay man and a child in search of their gender identity. The movie avoids the typical cinema clichés in portraying the queer community and gives real raw content.


2. Mumbai Police Click to look into! >> Read More... Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police was released in 2013 and created a buzz around it. The movie is directed by Roshan Andrews and produced by Nisad Haneefa. Starring Prithviraj, Jayasurya, and Rahman, the movie revolves around ACP Anthony Moses, who loses his memory and has to uncover the lost time to solve the murder of his best friend. The movie provides a wonderful portrayal of how the LGBTQ+ community is perceived in a still conservative society like India and how the suppression of an entire community and their rights could push people to commit crimes.

3. Randu Penkuttikal (1978)

While Randu Penkuttikal is not a rightfully positive portrayal of the queer community, the movie, adapted from a novel, portrays the bond between two women with romantic subtext. The movie was released in 1978 and starred Shoba and Anupama Mohan Anupama Mohan is a respected and celebrated Kuchip >> Read More... Anupama Mohan , among others. The film was directed by Mohan and still regains relevancy because it is one of the earliest Indian films to explore romantic love between two women.


4. Ardhanaari

Giving life to the plight of the transgender community in Kerala on the reel, Ardhanaari remains one of the important films on the Trans community. The movie was directed and written by Santhosh Souparnika and produced by M.G.Sreekumar. The cast includes Manoj K Jayan, Thilakan, and Sukumari, among others. 


5. Njan Marykutty 

This 2018 drama was positively welcomed by the transgender community in Kerala. The movie revolves around Marykutty, a transsexual who is seeking to undergo gender-affirming surgery but faces multiple obstacles, especially from a conservative and narrow-minded society. Jayasurya, the actor who reprised the role of Marykutty, was popularly appreciated for his acting in the movie. 


6. Super Deluxe 

This blockbuster 2019 Tamil film is directed and co-produced by Thiagarajan Kumararaja Thiagarajan Kumararaja is an Indian film and ad di >> Read More... Thiagarajan Kumararaja . The movie features an ensemble cast that includes Vijay Sethupathi Vijaya Gurunatha Sethupathi was not born with silv >> Read More... Vijay Sethupathi , Fahadh Faasil Born in 1983, Fahadh Faasil is known for his works >> Read More... Fahadh Faasil , Samantha Ruth Prabhu Born on April 28 1987 Samantha is a model and actr >> Read More... Samantha Ruth Prabhu , and Ramya Krishnan Ramya Krishnan is a South Indian movie and TV actr >> Read More... Ramya Krishnan , among others. The movie tells the story of different groups of individuals and how they are all fatefully intertwined. The character of Shilpa, a transgender woman, played by Vijay Sethupathi, received much appreciation. The character of Shilpa was well written and nuanced, making it closer to reality. The movie is a must-watch for the cinematic experience and its queer representation.


7. En Magan Magizhvan

“My Son is Gay”, or En Magan Magizhvan” is a 2017 Tamil movie featuring a gay relationship. The movie was directed and produced by Lokesh Rajavel and received positive international reviews. The movie stars Anupama Kumar Anupama Prakash Kumar born on 4th on December 1974 >> Read More... Anupama Kumar , Jayaprakash, Sriranjini, and Ashwinjith, among others. The movie revolves around a son coming out to his mother and the subsequent consequences and reactions. The movie was well received by the queer community as well for its realistic portrayal and avoidance of any derogatory clichés.


8. Awe 

This Telugu psychological thriller was released in 2018. The movie was directed and written by Prasanth Varma Prasanth Varma is an Indian director who has worke >> Read More... Prasanth Varma . The movie has a star-studded cast that includes names such as Kajal Aggarwal Kajal Aggarwal is a modern Indian model and film a >> Read More... Kajal Aggarwal , Nithya Menen Born on April 8, 1988 Nithya Menen is indeed a sta >> Read More... Nithya Menen , Regina Cassandra Regina Cassandra is a film actress, who is noticea >> Read More... Regina Cassandra , Eesha Rebba Eesha Rebba is also known as Eesha, was born on 19 >> Read More... Eesha Rebba , and so on. The movie also features a lesbian couple, Krish and Radha, who faces parental opposition to their relationship. The movie does include a few harmful clichés regarding the lesbian community, such as previous traumatic experiences being the reason for their sexual identities. Nevertheless, the movie tries to be inclusive and avoid any derogatory or fetishized portrayal.


9. Vettaiyaadu Velaiyaadu

An example of how not to represent the queer community on screen, Vettaiyaadu Velaiyaadu has it all, from homophobia to gay antagonists. Starring Kamal Haasan, Jyothika, and Kamalinee Mukherjee Born on 4th March 1980, Kamalinee Mukherjee has wo >> Read More... Kamalinee Mukherjee , the movie revolves around a serial killing gay couple, and DCP Raghavan, who is in pursuit of them. The movie is directed and written by Gautham Vasudev Menon.

10. Kanchana

This 2011 horror comedy was directed, written, and produced by Raghava Lawrence Lawrence Raghavendra is a popular Choreographer, d >> Read More... Raghava Lawrence . The movie revolves around Raghava, a man with an extreme fear of ghosts, but in a turn of events, he gets possessed by three ghosts, including the spirit of a transwoman who was killed and wants revenge. The movie received mixed reviews but was a commercial hit.