Chiyaan Vikram

Other names of Chiyaan Vikram: Kennedy John Victor, Kenny, Chiyaan Vikram
Chiyaan Vikram Tamil Actor
Vikram is from the Tamil family. His father is Christian and his mother is Hindu who lives in madras, Tamil Nadu. He was born on 17th April 1966. His father also ran from his home in the hope of becoming an actor but he does not get succeed so he trained his son and make him learn classically and cinema dance form so that he could become a good actor. He is known for doing acting in the Tamil movies. He has done plenty of the Tamil movies and he also got the award for many of them. He has got many awards like ‘national film award', ‘honorary award’ and he also got the award from the people’s university of Milan. His first film in which he has done the acting was “kadhai kanmani” in the year 1990. It was a small budget Tamil movie. And the film which got popular and got loved by the people is “set” which got release in 1990 and because of this movie” Vikram” got started his career in as an actor.He has also done many of the great films which also got famous and been loved by the people they are ‘Dhool’ , ‘ Saamy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Saamy ’ and these of the movies become venture. He has also done the diverse role in many of the movies as he has also done the role of a blind villager in the movie “kasi” and also done the role of Robin Hood Click to look into! >> Read More... Robin Hood in the movies “Saurai”. He has also got national film award for acting in the movie “Pithamagan” and has done the role of gravedigger. He has also done a great role as a lawyer in the movie “Anniyan” and also got a critical acclaim. He has also done a great role of a bodybuilder in the series of many movies and also got great reviews from the critics for this reason. He has also done a many of the social works in his life as he is also a brand ambassador of the school for the special kids and also the ‘ Sanjeevani Click to look into! >> Read More... Sanjeevani ’ trust.