B Madhusudhan Reddy Tamil Actor
Birthday: 27-03-1977
Age: 42
Star sign: Aries

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Charukesh Sekar

Charukesh Sekar is a Chennai-based filmmaker with over four years of experience in writing lyrics, direction, and production of mainstream and independent films. He has also done short films like 'Puzhu,' 'Life and Death of a Rebel, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, etc. Also, he also has focused his talent in the production of TVC and commercial films too, and they include his commendable works like 'Black & While Salon'(TVC), a corporate film on 'Primex Scans Labs’ and a corporate video on 'Ford Figo,’ etc. Although Chandrasekhar is known for his film 'Bench Talkies - The First Bench' in which he was one of the directors along with Karthik Subbaraj, Anil Krishnan, and others. This director is even known for his lyrical works in Tamil movies. Charukesh Sekar directed a part 'Puzhu' in Tamil an independent anthology film. Charukesh has also worked with some of the industry’s most formidable names like Santosh Sivan, Nasser, Shanki Mahendra and he wants to be the part of the creative platform of cinema. He has received hands-on and rigorous training in the industry which gives him a good foresight and familiarity with scripts and enables him to bring versatility to the concept of story-telling. Also, he has gained an in-depth knowledge too in technical and direction aspects too in filmmaking. Over the last four years, although he has directed and assisted in the making some short films, music videos, and corporate films, he has also gained a grip on the fundamentals of cinema, and it’s making. Besides the big wigs like Santosh Sivan, Naseer, and Shanki Mahendra, has got an equal to work with new talents of the industry that proved to be a real milestone in the graph of filmmaking. Whether it is a big name or a newcomer, everything in the industry inspires him, and it will remain a part of his network of industry moguls and pioneers. His lyrics received appreciation from seniors in the industry and his creative works of songs has reached out to viewers. Two of his short films, “Life and Death of A Rebel” and “Puzhu” have been chosen by Karthik Subbaraj’s Stone Bench Creations for distribution and screening. His journey would be in entertainment media, and he wants to be a real star in the industry over the years to come.

Charukesh Sekar Tamil Actor