Top 10 Tamil Films Of Vijay Which Will Always Be Remembered

Top 10 Tamil Films Of Vijay Which Will Always Be Remembered Tamil Article

1. Kannukkul Nilavu: -

Fazil is the Director of the movie which got released in 2000 and ‘Ilayaraja’ is the Music director. The story revolves around Hema, ( Shalini Ajith Kumar Shalini is a versatile actress, who is very popula >> Read More... Shalini Ajith Kumar ) and Gautham (‘ Vijay As they always say, "it runs in the blood", the sa >> Read More... Vijay ’). Gautham is psychologically affected, and he befriends Hema who decides to take help from her father and cure Gautham. He starts having thoughts about a girl called Gayatri who he met occasionally and gets disturbed. Her dad helps him get better, and they fall in love.


2. ‘Youth’: -

It released on 2002, and Vincent Selva Vincent Selva is an eminent director and screenpla >> Read More... Vincent Selva directed it with Mani Sharma Mani Sharma is a famous music Director in Tamil an >> Read More... Mani Sharma as the Music Director. The movie is about Ashok (Vijay) who gets dumped by his bride on the day of their marriage. He meets Sandhya ( Shaheen Khan Shaheen Khan credited as Sandhya is Indian Cinema >> Read More... Shaheen Khan ) through a mutual friend and falls in love with her. He starts feeling that she loves him until the evening of her birthday arrives. Ashok gets invited only to know that she is announcing her Engagement on the same day. The story gives a twist here; the man Sandhya is engaged to turns out to be the ex-lover of Vijay’s Fiancé. He threatens him to go back to Aruna and fulfill the promise of marrying her. Sandhya eventually falls in love with Ashok, and he accepts her.


3. ‘ Badri Click to look into! >> Read More... Badri ’: -


The story is about Vetri ( Riyaz Khan Riyaz Khan is a Tamil and Malayalam film and telev >> Read More... Riyaz Khan ) who aspires to become a kick-boxer and dedicates his entire life for the martial arts. Badhri (Vijay) is his younger brother who is careless and irresponsible. His father hates his activities and puts him down at all point of time. Vetri gets beaten up few days before the final match by his opponent. Badhri decided to fight and win a place in the heart of his father, Janaki ( Bhumika Chawla Bhumika Chawla or Rachna Chawla is an Indian actre >> Read More... Bhumika Chawla ) his girlfriend and Malaysia Vasudevan Malaysia Vasudevan is a playback singer who domina >> Read More... Malaysia Vasudevan (Janaki’s dad). He wins the match against the guy who broke his brother’s leg and brings back fame to the family. The film released on 2001 and A.P. Arun Prasad Arun Prasad is an Indian Film and Television Actor >> Read More... Arun Prasad directed it, and Ramana Gogula Ramana Gogula is a singer, musician, songwriter, a >> Read More... Ramana Gogula is the music director.

4. Poove Unakkaga Poove Unakkaga is the Tamil family drama Romantic >> Read More... Poove Unakkaga : -


The movie is about a common man Raja (Vijay) who tries to break the enmity between two families who were good friends for years. The daughter fell in love with the son of the other family, and this caused a rift between them and the repercussions of it is now felt for years. He walks into the town as the grandson of the Robert’s father and tries to join them. One day Priyadharshini (' Sangita Born on July 25, 1976, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, San >> Read More... Sangita ') gets to know this drama Vijay is doing and acts as his wife and starts forcing him to live with him until she reveals the truth that she is the Granddaughter of Robert and Janaki, the son and daughter of the two families.

5. Thulladha Manamum Thullum Story soon >> Read More... Thulladha Manamum Thullum : -


The director of the film is ' Ezhil Ezhilmaaran, famous for his stage name Ezhil, was >> Read More... Ezhil ', and it got released in 1999 and the film is about Kutty (Vijay) who is abandoned by his parents at a very young age and the neighbor’s take care of him. He meets Rukmani (‘’) and falls in love with her. Rukmani is a college going girl and an aspiring musician who loves Kutty’s songs but does not know him and that he lives opposite to her place. Whenever they meet, Kutty is mistaken to be a rogue and a pervert by Rukmani and one day she loses her eyesight after Vijay enters the chemistry lab and breaks a chemical. Rukmani gets devasted as she knows it’s Kutty who is the reason and starts to hate him. Kutty gets close to her, and he starts helping her as she is blind and goes away after her operation. They then meet with the signature song “Innisaipadivarum”


6. ‘ Khushi Click to look into! >> Read More... Khushi ’: -


The film is about Jenny ( Jyothika Saravanan Jyothika is a highly famous Indian cinema artist. >> Read More... Jyothika Saravanan ) who is a short tempered person and comes to a Metropolitan city to study; she meets Shiva (Vijay) through a common friend. Her friend and Shiva’s friend will be in love. Shiva and Jenny help them by passing messages and eventually start liking each other. They fall in love but don’t accept it and rather fight very often; the rest of the story is about how they confess their love to each other. S. J. Surya directed the film, and it got released in 2000.

7. ‘ Nanban Click to look into! >> Read More... Nanban ’: -

S Shankar S Shankar is one among the populous directors who >> Read More... S Shankar ’ directed the film, and it is a remake of the Hindi film “ 3 Idiots Click to look into! >> Read More... 3 Idiots ”. Three friends join an engineering college and pursue their education. The principal of the college is a very knowledgeable person but fails in his teaching methodology. Venkat (‘ Srikanth Srikanth is an Indian cinema actor. He has mainly >> Read More... Srikanth ’), Senthil (‘ Jiiva Born on 4th January 1982 Jiiva is one of the young >> Read More... Jiiva ’) and Pari (Vijay) live a very easy going life in the college. Pari is a jovial person and Venkat is that guy who gave up his passion for photography due to his father forcing him to do engineering and Senthil comes from a middle-class family who is very determined to study hard and have his sister married. Pari goes missing after their graduation on delivering the baby of his principal’s daughter without any medical help by using science. They travel to many places talking to find him and sharing their good old college days and figure out he is the great scientist Kosaksi Pasupugal. The film released in 2012.

8. ‘Ghilli’: -

Dhanalakshmi ( Trisha Krishnan Born on 4th May, 1983 in Palakkad by Krishnan and >> Read More... Trisha Krishnan ) is disturbed by her uncle Muthupandi ( Prakash Raj Prakash Raj, born on 26th of March, 1965, as Praka >> Read More... Prakash Raj ) in marrying him. She gets threatened, and her parents send her off to Chennai to study and go to America. Muthupandi figures it out and sends his men to abduct her. She meets Velu (Vijay) who protects her from them and takes her to his place and keeps her hidden among the dolls. Velu’s father is a police officer who is made in charge to find Dhanalakshmi. He figures it out that she has been staying in his own house. Velu is a kabaddi player, and his dad is against it, and they are not on good terms. Muthupandi finds out about Velu and comes to Chennai and tries to get Dhanalakshmi back but fails as she insults him and says that she is in love with Vijay and if he wants her he has to fight Vijay first and succeed. He loses the fight eventually. ‘ Dharani Click to look into! >> Read More... Dharani ’ is the Director and the movie released in 2004.

9. ‘ Thuppakki Click to look into! >> Read More... Thuppakki ’: -

' A R Murugadoss A.R. Murugadoss is such a familiar name all over I >> Read More... A R Murugadoss ' directed the film and it released in 2012 exactly after the Kasab incident, and it is about the life of an army man. The terrorist in Pakistan send their men into India and plan to fix sleeper cells at twelve places in Mumbai. Jagadish (Vijay) who is on his vacation comes home to Mumbai. Vijay is shocked, after a bus blast in Mumbai and he figures out that a man inside the bus is a terrorist and brings him into hostile at his place. Jagadish begins to work undercover since then after gaining the necessary information from the terrorist and alerts his team in hunting down the 12 Terrorists together at the same time. He then meets the leader of the Terrorists Vidyut Jamwal and kills him bringing India to safe hands again.

10. ‘ Theri Click to look into! >> Read More... Theri ’: -

Atlee Kumar Atlee Kumar is a movie director and screenwriter f >> Read More... Atlee Kumar directed this film and released it in 2016. Kuruvilla Joseph (Vijay) who is a married man moves with his daughter Nivi to Kerala and lives a peaceful life. Joseph had the past that follows up in the second half of the movie. He is a DCP officer named Vijay Kumar (Vijay) who investigates the rape case of an employee named Raji and figures out that a minister’s son has raped her like a monster. Vijay kills his son and in return the villain kills his wife Mithra ( Samantha Ruth Prabhu Born on April 28 1987 Samantha is a model and actr >> Read More... Samantha Ruth Prabhu ). The minister follows him to Kerala to kill his daughter as well, but he battles him out and saves her. is the school teacher of the school Nivi studies in, and she becomes close to Nivi and then Joseph likes her and they get married.